Top Drugs and Medicine Import Countries

Across the globe, pharmaceutical companies tend to get essential drugs and medicines imported from other countries.

The reason behind the mode of trade is that these companies always look for products that are manufactured under international health and medical standards.

There are several renowned drugs and medicine suppliers on the online B2B platform. They provide not only straightforward transactions but also efficient shipping in each order.

We have sorted and created a list of countries in which drugs and medicines are imported in bulk.

Top 5 Drugs and Medicine Importer Countries

1.    United States

The most leading importer country we know is the United States. In 2018, the pharmaceutical companies in the USA imported valuable drugs and medicine worth $29.1 billion. If you are a supplier looking for American buyers, then you should start by getting listed in a leading online B2B marketplace in United States. With the help of this B2B portal, you’ll be able to easily catch the eyes of top buyers from the USA. Also, since you’ll be listed with top suppliers, your brand will develop a better image within your industry.

2.      Germany

Germany comes on the second number. The country imports the bulk of drugs and medicines from trusted dealers. The trends reveal that Germany alone paid $29.1 billion for imported pharmaceutical products in the past year.

3.      Belgium

In the list, we have also counted Belgium for getting maximum pharmaceutical products from various exporters.

The country had invested an estimated amount of $20.5 billion in purchasing drugs and medicines from international suppliers.

4.      United Kingdom

The United Kingdom takes the fourth position on the list. The economy recorded approximately $19.9 billion for buying authentic pharmaceutical products for patients.

5.      China

Little did we know, China is also one of the importer countries that accounts for massive drugs and medicine purchases. The ever-growing economy is ready to invest in pharmaceutical products to see a change in health and safety prevailing across the region.

In the past year, China invested around $18.4 billion in purchasing the bulk of drugs and medicine from worldwide manufacturers.


The list of countries continues because several nations in the world believe in promoting health and safety. It seems that the major investment is in drugs and medicines as compared to other consumer goods. Also, because of the rise in diseases, the health and medical industry has witnessed a rapid boost in both revenue and ROI. Therefore, all businesses within this industry should target buyers from the list mentioned above to get enough orders for survival.

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