Top 7 Popular Acrylic Products

Pleasant Plastic is an Acrylic Fabricators in Dubai which brings new surprises to the world every new day. Acrylic Company Dubai has all the facilities to take advantage of the high potential of the UAE acrylic market. The company aims to set a strong presence in this market, emphasizing quality, customer satisfaction, and excellent services. Pleasant Plastic offers end-to-end product design, engineering, tooling, and plastic manufacturing services. As one of the best acrylic fabricators in Dubai, We care about ensuring the quality of the products and delivering customer orders on time. We bring the highest quality extruded acrylic sheets to the UAE market.

With the support of our expert teams, our state-of-the-art facilities manufacture acrylic products to the highest standards of quality, safety, and consistency. We continuously upgrade our facilities with the latest technology and expand our production capacity to respond to rising market demand.

What is Acrylic?

Acrylic is a transparent plastic material homopolymer with optical clarity and outstanding strength. The material can outperform polycarbonate in clarity and transmittance. Acrylic offers a transparency rate of 93% and can be used in a wide variety of applications. Some of the first applications of acrylic were during World War II, and it was used for submarine periscopes, aircraft windows, and canopies at the time.

In modern times, acrylic is mainly used for various applications that take advantage of its natural transparency. For applications where impact resistance is not an issue, acrylic is a handy transparent plastic to meet those features. Compared to other clear plastics, acrylic is scratch-resistant. It is an alternative to glass and an economical substitute for polycarbonate in applications where materials strength is not a deciding factor. It’s inexpensive and readily available. Typical uses include lenses, acrylic nails, paint, LCD screens, medical devices, and furniture. Due to its clarity can also be used for tanks, windows, tanks, and exhibit enclosure.

 Top Acrylic products

Pleasant plastic Acrylic Dubai specializes in making various acrylic products such as acrylic furniture, acrylic roofing sheets, display stands, kiosk shelves, and racks for displaying mobile phones, cosmetic accessories, jewelry, and desserts, etc. We can also design a variety of acrylic products specifically for restaurants and shopping malls.

In this blog, we will give you an insight into 7 popular acrylic products and services. Acrylic comes in different forms. At acrylic fabricators Dubai, we carry the following services.

1. Acrylic roofing sheets

Acrylic Roofing Sheets are Transparent and embossed Translucent. They are UV resistant and durable with over 90% of highlight transmission .They are easy to install and available in various colors and thicknesses. These lightweight sheets have good chemical and impact resistance. Acrylic Plastic weighs about half the weight of glass, but it has many times the more excellent impact resistance. As a thermal insulator, it is approximately 20% better than glass.

Typical Applications

  • Canopies
  • Pergolas
  • Awnings
  • Carports

2. Acrylic dishware

One of the best features of acrylic dishware is that they are lightweight and great for indoor and outdoor use. Choosing the proper dishware for your home or restaurants can be a little challenging. We offer you a vast collection of Acrylic dishware. These Acrylic Crockery are the most demanded products in a wide range of designs and dimensions to cater to the variegated demands of a household or restaurant. These acrylic bowls have a long life span and can be customized according to the consumers’ choice.


  • Beautiful designs
  • Durability
  • Good quality

3. Acrylic Pulpits, Podiums, and Lecterns

These are contemporary yet functional pieces of furniture for a church or business setting. An acrylic podium can enhance your stage appearance. Our acrylic podiums offer contemporary elegance combined with dependable durability, and a generous reading surface gives you plenty of space to be confident with your presentation details and projects your image beautifully for your audience. We offer different models of acrylic lecterns plus customization options.

4. Acrylic letters

Acrylic can be used to make letters for signage boards. Laser-cut acrylic letters give a high-quality look with precise and polished edges.

You have virtually countless options when choosing custom acrylic sign letters for your walls or buildings with our design team.

5. Acrylic furniture

Acrylic furniture is in great demand these days. It’s famous for its elegance and great looking. Acrylic furniture products are durable, easy to clean, and ultraviolet resistant, which means they do not fade when left in the sun. These are non-toxic and harmless to the environment.

6. Acrylic painting and design

Acrylic painting is an art form created using synthetic acrylic resins. Acrylic dries quickly and gives a visual feel to watercolor and oil paintings. You can bring your acrylic painting ideas to life with a collection of our beautiful works of art. The best way of enhancing your home decor is with acrylic paintings that add to the visual appeal of your beautiful homes. Whether you want to explore a variety of acrylic paintings in Dubai, we are at your service.

7. Acrylic laser cutting and engraving

The digital subtractive creation method involves cutting or engraving a specific acrylic material using a laser. It ultimately involves a machine that causes it to emit a laser beam, and now it cuts through the acrylic material by burning or vaporizing it.

Acrylic laser cutting can be designed and featured as per your requirement. We ensure one hundred percent customer satisfaction by customizing each product.

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