Top 5 Reasons Why Every Data Scientist Should Learn SQL



SQL is a fantastic database language that allows its users to easily store, manage, process and analyze large volumes of data in just a few seconds. This is the main reason why it has become very important for a data scientist to master SQL.  A data scientist has to work with large datasets every day and this can be very hectic work to do if done using tools like Spreadsheets. But by using SQL a data scientist can easily communicate and manipulate data in a database very easily and quickly. Overall it is a fantastic database language and can help a data scientist a lot in his work. Here are the top five reasons why should learn SQL if you are a data scientist.

Easy to Learn

SQL is very easy to use unlike programming languages like C#, and Java which require a person to memorize their concepts and syntax to use them. Its syntax includes English words and you don’t have to memorize any kind of numbers and letters to use it. So, if you are new to data science and don’t have any knowledge about programming languages then you must begin to learn SQL. It will allow you to easily query data and discover insights from it. Besides this, it contains various Business Intelligence tools that can help you a lot as a data scientist. You can learn to use these tools by enrolling in the SQL training program of the SQL Server Training Institute in Noida.

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Understand Dataset

It is very important for a data scientist to have in-depth knowledge about datasets and databases to work easily with large datasets. By learning SQL, you will gain in-depth knowledge about relational databases and how they function. As a result, you will be able to work more easily with databases/large datasets. Besides this, it will also allow you to quickly process and visualize a dataset and understand its structure too.

Integration With Scripting Languages

SQL is a powerful tool that allows its users to access, query, and manipulate data. But when it comes to data visualization it’s not that useful. But as a data scientist, you will need to present your data in a visually appealing way so that people can easily understand it. However, you can easily solve this problem by integrating SQL with other scripting languages.  SQL can be easily integrated with scripting languages like R. This allows you to enhance the capabilities of SQL and easily do the work that you might not be able to do with SQL only.

Manage Huge Volumes of Data

The work of data scientists revolves around working with large datasets that are present in the databases of the company. Working with large datasets is not easy especially with traditional software like Google Spreadsheets and Excel. However, you can easily eliminate this problem and work with large datasets without any problem using SQL. Using it, you can easily manage and process large datasets. Besides this, it allows its users, to easily manipulate, query data, and extract insights from the data that is present in the database.

More Jobs and Opportunities

For most data scientist positions hiring managers prefer to hire candidates that are proficient in working with SQL. This is mainly because of the ability of SQL to easily manage and work with large datasets. Besides this, it allows its users to easily store, update, access, process and manipulate a large volume of data in few seconds. Additionally, you can easily integrate it with various database management systems like SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc. So, if you want to open doors for data science jobs and want to increase your chances of getting hired then you must master SQL.


SQL is an excellent open-source programing language that can make the work of a data scientist very easy. Using it you can easily work with large datasets presents in relational databases and extract useful insights from the data. Besides this, it is the number one skill that most hiring managers look for in candidates while hiring for data science jobs. So, if you want to become a competent data scientist then you should definitely master SQL programming language. To do this you can join an online training program of an online training provider. You can also join SQL Server Training in Delhi to learn all the concepts of SQL under the guidance of an expert data scientist.

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