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Top 13 Best Spices Brands In India 2022

India has long been known as the home of spices. Since the beginning of time, traders have travelled to India to purchase unique spices. The custom is still practised today. Almost every country in the globe receives spices that India manufactures and sells. Due to rising demand there, the major nations that buy spices from India have boosted their order quantities. The popularity of Indian spices is due to their reputation for boosting the body’s defence mechanisms. The Indian Spices Board projects that exports would reach $5 billion by 2025 and $10 billion by 2030. In this blog we are going to explain all health benefits of spices and which are the best spices brands in India.

Benefits of Indian Spices for Health

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is beneficial to diabetics. This seasoning will assist in lowering your insulin resistance if you have it. Additionally, it guards against pain brought on by menstruation, indigestion, diarrhoea, the common cold, and poor blood circulation.

Clove: It is well known that clove can treat problems with the teeth. It contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. The gums and teeth are strengthened with clove oil. Additionally, clove helps with indigestion, loose stools, vomiting, etc.

Cumin: Cumin is a fantastic flavour enhancer. It is renowned for providing relief from colds, anaemia, and indigestion. Additionally, cumin acts as a laxative and treats piles.

Black Cardamoms: Among the many advantages of black cardamoms, relief from chest and throat infections as well as gum issues stand out. Additionally, it treats respiratory issues, muscular spasms, and purportedly guards against snake and scorpion attacks.

Saffron: Saffron, one of the essential components for Mughlai cuisine, aids in the treatment of depression, eyesight difficulties, stomach problems, and poor memory.

In India, there are several different spice businesses. Some of them are well-known on a national and international scale, while many others are regional figures active exclusively in one or two locations.

Top 13 Masala / Spices Brands in India

#1 Badshah Masala

Badshah Masala has been a leader in India’s best spice brands for more than 60 years. They maintain the highest quality control and give customers the greatest spices. Many chefs, both domestically and abroad, use Badshah Masala to improve the flavour of the cuisine they produce. It is the best Spices Brands in India where you can find blended, whole, grounded, and other international seasoning spices.

#2 Everest Spices

India’s largest producer of spices is this company. It also holds the distinction of receiving the FMCG Consumer Reaction Award. Everest produces a wide variety of spices (45 types), and in India, the word “spices” has evolved to mean the whole category. Its main spice plant is located in Umbergaon, Gujarat. Nearly 60 nations throughout the world sell Everest Spices.

3# MDH

MDH is one of the best spices brand in India, offering 62 distinct items in more than 150 different packaging options. It employs the most up-to-date technology to create and package the excellent ground single spices and mixed spices after obtaining the raw ingredients from the finest gardens. The 93-year-old company’s goods are sold on practically every continent in the world.

#4 Catch

The products of Catch are connected with excellence and purity. Catch takes pride in its more than three decades of supplying premium spices to Indian cooks as a member of the famous Dharampal Satyapal Group. The items improve the flavour of any food that is cooked with these spices since they are fresh and rich in scent. The manufacturing and packaging procedures use the most recent technologies.

#5 Ramdev

Ramdev has worked to win over consumers’ hearts by appealing to their sense of taste ever since it opened its doors in 1965. And to a significant extent, it has been effective. Ramdev has made sure that it is present in millions of homes throughout the world, from basic masala to quick blends. The firm wants to introduce its spices to new markets and inspire customers to experiment with new recipes using them.

#6 Rajesh Masala

Rajesh Masala, a company situated in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, has been producing a broad variety of basic and prepared spices since its establishment in 1997. Rajesh Masala has been continually giving its consumers the finest in class spices throughout the years thanks to its modern manufacturing and packaging facilities.

#7 Patanjali Masala

The “Patanjali” business was started by yoga master Baba Ramdev years ago. Spices are one of the several product categories where Patanjali is active. It produces a variety of spices that may be utilised in various regions of the nation to prepare a wide variety of Indian meals.

#8 Priya

Priya Foods is a division of the Hyderabad-based, multibillion-dollar Ramoji Group. Priya has been introducing traditional Indian spices to numerous cooks for the past 38 years. The spices are produced using cutting-edge technology and only after they have passed stringent quality control inspections. The buildings have HACCP and ISO certifications.

#9 MTR Foods

It all began for the corporation in 1924. Nearly a century later, MTR Foods has operations outside of India. It also produces a variety of spices for different styles of cuisine in addition to a variety of culinary products. The firm manufactures a variety of spices, including cumin, coriander, turmeric, and chilli.

#10 Pushp Masale

For a very long time, Pushp has been a beloved spice brand in numerous Indian households. Customers now equate it with dependability and quality. Products still have the flavour of conventional home-ground spices. Pushp Masale’s spices are all about uniqueness and superb taste, free of artificial colours and flavours.

#11 Goldiee Group

With more than 1,000 distributors serving over 3,50,000 retail locations, Goldiee makes sure that its premium spices are accessible in every corner of India. It produces a wide variety of basic and mixed spices that are utilised in many of the recipes that Indian cooks prepare every day.

#12 Cookme

The business has a more than 170-year existence. A modest start was made in Kolkata in the middle of the 19th century. Cookme is now a name that is associated with dependability and exceptional quality. Cookme spices have been a staple in millions of Indian households for many centuries. Cookme is poised to dominate the minds of Indian cooks for years to come with its uncompromising commitment to excellence.

#13 Golden Masala

Golden Masala has been producing top-notch spices since 1967, helping many Indian chefs produce delectable meals every day. The firm, which is ISO 9001:2008 certified, goes to considerable lengths to guarantee that only the highest quality spices are sent to consumers. Because of its unwavering commitment to quality, the business is currently one of India’s top producers of spices.

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