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Top 10 Web Design Trends That Will Dominate In 2022

The trends of shopify web design and development are evolving continuously. In 2022, the same pattern is going to continue; and web designers will reinvent past designs and experiment with the newer ones as well. In addition, there are some existing popular trends such as flat coloured image design and minimalist design on shopify. However, as the year has just started, it is better to become familiar with the trends that will go mainstream later on. So, let’s go through the top web design trends that will rule the internet in 2022.

Top Web Design Trends For 2022

3D Visuals In Design

With the introduction of displays with higher resolutions, 3D designs have started to come into the picture. Now, we can incorporate the 3D graphics into the website design seamlessly. The 3D components provide the site’s homepage with a sense of depth and uniqueness. In addition, we can make the layout appealing with the help of 3D forms, layered components, and shadows.

Design With Dark Mode

Dark mode in web design is a trend that has gained immense popularity all over the internet. These designs are comfortable for the eyes, especially at night. In addition, they offer a unique vibe with the classic black color. It has already been implemented in social media apps like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook. However, do not impose dark mode on the site visitors and provide a toggle to switch between light and dark modes.

Minimalism Oriented Design

Minimalism has multiple advantages for both designer and user. Web designers and shopify developers can focus on the basic elements of the site that enhance its overall look, without overcrowding it. On the other hand, users also prefer a website that provides simple and important information, rather than bombarding them with unnecessary data.

Design With Videos

Videos are especially helpful in the website designs that target online sales of the products. Therefore, you can feature a video on the website that features the unboxing and showcasing of the product. This way, the customers develop trust with the company and are ensured that they get what they see in the product images. In addition, short videos on the website are good to give it an SEO boost.

Color Gradients In Design

Colorful gradients are becoming more and more popular as the designers can explore their creativity and imagination. Gradients are perfect to add depth to a normal image. They involve mixing multiple colors to find a perfect combination that is appealing to the eyes. There are various tools available online to create the perfect gradient.

Unique Font Designs

Although a website’s functionality is its most important attribute, if the user interface is straightforward and boring, the visitor will leave it. Therefore, if unique fonts are added to the main headline and the sub-text, it provides a different and appealing user experience to the visitors. Hence, they will come back again to get the same experience again and again.

Designs With Micro-Animations

The use of micro animations in website design is a fresh trend. Unlike micro-interactions, they don’t require a trigger to activate. Hence, they can grab the visitor’s attention easily and are good to enhance engagement. In addition, the users get unique and appealing feedback when they move the cursor over the different parts of the website. 

Voice Functionality in Design

A lot of users prefer voice search rather than typing long texts in the search bar. That’s why adding this functionality to the website’s design is a must in 2022. Popular internet companies such as Google, Amazon have already implemented it. The users simply have to click a button and record their voice query or command. After that, they get results based on the keywords that were contained in their voice command.

Designs With Large Typography

Large typography is another new trend that combines perfectly with minimalist design trends. It is a good design element to provide an appealing aesthetic to the website. The audience doesn’t want to read the content from long and crowded paragraphs anymore. That’s why to capture the user’s attention and retain them on the site, larger typography is preferred.

Chatbox In The Design

Nowadays, website visitors want the information quickly without any major efforts. A virtual chatbox can be a perfect solution in this scenario. The users can simply type their issues or queries in the chatbox integrated with the website, and get solutions and answers right away. However, keep in mind that the response time of the chats is an important factor. Hence, ensure quick replies for the visitors, or else it will harm audience retention.


The above are the top design trends for 2022, that will majorly impact the website traffic. You must implement them as and when required to increase the engagement of the visitors with your website. In addition, the audience also has a good user experience, if these design elements are present on the site. In conclusion, good web design trends are beneficial for both the users and the business owners.

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