Top 10 Tips To Take Care Of Your Car

A vehicle is necessary for everyone living in this dynamic era, but owning one requires a considerable investment, whether new or old. It must be adequately maintained to ensure reliability and efficacy. Used cars, in particular, need frequent Car Wash and cleaning. Since they are more complicated and expensive to maintain than new ones, keeping your vehicle clean can assist in prolonging its life and maintaining its best performance. It will also save you a lot of money in the long run in terms of repairs.

Tips For Your Car

You should use all the available options to enjoy the smooth working of your vehicle, from a weekly Touchless Car Wash to occasional car detailing. Here are some fundamental vehicle care and maintenance suggestions to follow:

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1. Weekly Car Wash

Vehicle hygiene is something that should be cared for. If you go to work every day, cleaning your vehicle once a week is essential to remove the dust, mud, and grime collection. Washing your car keeps it clean, gleaming, and corrosion-free. Ensure washing the inside of your vehicle as well. Spilled fluids such as sodas and juices may be acidic, while dirt particles are abrasive. Vacuum your vehicle interior entirely and use a gentle wet towel to clean the lenses on the dashboard. Clean your mats with a brush or a hose. Clean dirt that might otherwise erode matting. Before putting the mats back in the vehicle, let them dry completely in the sun. Moreover, you can also opt for a touchless car wash to get things done professionally.

2. At the very least, wax your car after two months

There may be something incredibly appealing about a waxed vehicle. Perhaps it evokes the aura or shine of a brand new car. Aside from making your automobile seem nice and glossy, car wax also protects it from UV radiation. Not to mention the fact that those nicks will slip off your paint. Waxing your car after two months at least is recommended.

3. Schedule professional car detailing services at least twice a year

Professional automobile detailing involves carefully cleaning both the interior and outside of your vehicle, including every inch that can be cleaned or washed. It is more expensive than a regular car wash, but it is well worth it. Still not convinced? How about significantly increasing your resale value and making your car spotless? A waxing treatment should accompany professional detailing.

4. Engine oil and filter should be changed regularly

The time between oil changes should be increased, according to many vehicle owners’ manuals nowadays. However, oil changes are still required regularly, mainly if you are keeping a used vehicle. Periodically Oil change can remove abrasive dirt and metal particles from the engine, extending its life. Replace the oil filters regularly as the old ones accumulate oil and dirt components that will mix with the new, clean oil if not replaced.

5. Make sure your tires are in good shape

At times, check your tire pressure and maintain it at the recommended pressure stated in your user handbook. Observe for uneven wear. Even if your tire pressure has been correctly maintained, uneven wear may indicate the time for a wheel realignment. It may also lead to worn brakes or shock absorbers, a bent wheel, or tire problems from inside.

6. Clean your vehicle’s engine

At the absolute least, clean your engine once every three months. A clean engine operates cooler than one that has been soiled. A clean engine also makes it easier to detect leaks, and maintaining its components is cost-effective. You may either get your engine steam cleaned professionally or do it yourself. You must use plastic bags to cover critical engine components such as the air intake, distributor, and electrical parts. Scrub the engine with a grease-cutting detergent and a bristle brush. After you’ve finished, ensure to rinse it thoroughly. Engine works are included in car detailing packages as well.

7. Maintain the health of your car’s battery

Even though the manufacturer says that the battery is maintenance-free, you must check your vehicle batteries regularly to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Keep your battery connections clean to begin. If necessary, wipe it off with a wet cloth and some detergent. Also, look for any signs of damage on the battery casing. Cracks or bulges in your vehicle’s battery indicate that it needs to be changed.

8. Regularly clean your seats

If you don’t regularly clean your vehicle seats, dirt will accumulate, and your car’s interior will begin to resemble a pigsty before you realize it. It would be best if you cleaned the inside of your vehicle at least once a month to prevent dirt accumulation. If you’re too busy, there’s always a car wash near you, or you may persuade your children to do it for you.

9. Car washes that don’t need any contact

Nobody enjoys finding scratches and swirls in their car’s otherwise flawless paint job. While blemishes are unavoidable while driving, it is preferable to prevent them as much as possible. A touchless car wash is a great substitute for a DIY car wash that can result in nicks and scratches in your car’s paint.

10. Park your car in the shade

Whenever parking your car, try to find a shade for some obvious reasons. Parking in the shade reduces the danger of internal plastic cracking due to prolonged exposure to the sun and heat. If you can’t locate a shady location, a window deflector screen is an excellent alternative. Applying a UV protectant is still another option; it will keep the vinyl and plastic from drying out.


It has been that car wash and car detailing are essential factors to consider regarding the protection or care for your vehicle. Moreover, if you want to prolong the life of your car, there are a few items you should keep handy. First and foremost, the owner’s handbook is your vehicle’s bible, and it contains all of the information you need. Second, be aware of your vehicle’s limits and avoid abusing it. Finally, don’t disregard the warning signals. Ensure checking and replacing any worn-out components before it’s too late.

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