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Top 10 Reasons Why People Visit Primary Care Physicians

A primary healthcare provider is the first professional that you come across for disease management. They constitute the first part of a healthcare system, which is in direct contact with the public and specialist physicians. From prevention, and treatment, to general health evaluation – their comprehensive services might rule out your chances to visit a specialist after all. However, there’re other reasons why you should visit a Michigan based internal medicine doctors, some of which are:

For Chronic Disease Management

According to the National Health Council, approximately 133 million Americans suffer from one chronic disease or other. These incurable and ongoing diseases affect more than 40% of the country’s population – decreasing their quality of life. These figures account for being one of the major reasons for visiting primary care practitioners. For chronic disease management, physicians provide comprehensive care that includes prevention, treatment, and medication refills. The most common chronic disease that primary care physicians find themselves treating include diabetes, hypertension, renal disorders, and high cholesterol.

For Referrals

While a primary physician may effectively manage a disease, they may refer the case to a specialist if the prognosis worsens. In some cases, they may work synergistically with the specialist to coordinate the treatment. Hence, they look for the right physician to refer the patient and monitor the prescription. They rule out the chances of adverse effects or drug-drug interaction. This is particularly important when the patient is being treated by various specialists at once and may receive a prescription from each. The primary physician, in such cases, ensures that the drugs do not interact with each other.

For Urgent Care

Urgent care is another reason that accounts for the traffic at a primary care facility. Issues like fever, broken arm, flu, and stomach infections are frequently being treated by primary care physicians. An advantage of primary healthcare is that it offers prompt solutions to urgencies to prevent them from deteriorating.

For Annual Exams

Annual exams are another reason why many people choose to visit a primary healthcare clinic once a year. A wellness exam is an approach to preventive care. It is an annual, self-assessed examination that deals with the evaluation of a person’s current health status. At the end of the exam, the physician devises a personalized prevention plan. It delivers tailored lifestyle adjustments to prevent the onset of potential acute and chronic diseases. Patients visit the clinic for their yearly checkups and may return if the results are not satisfactory.

To Reduce Hospital Visits

As discussed earlier, primary healthcare provides extensive services in urgent cases as well. However, not many people know about it and they end up in an emergency room in case of minor ailments. For almost every non-life-threatening situation, it is feasible to visit your primary care practitioner. If the physician considers the situation to be serious, they’d eventually refer you to the emergency depart. People should decide between an emergency room, urgent care clinic, or a primary care provider’s facility as a cost-effective solution.

Good continuity of care

Finally, the primary reason why people should and do visit a primary healthcare physician is to ensure good health. Frequent visits help the practitioner understand your medical history and current health status better. As a result, they’re able to provide better and personalized care when treating emergencies or chronic diseases.


Out of all the reasons, people visit a primary healthcare provider the most to get treated for a variety of ailments. These diseases range in a spectrum of complexity i.e. from minor issues like cold to severe conditions like arrhythmias. According to Mayo Clinic, the following are the top conditions, and diseases, that cause maximum visits to a primary healthcare facility.

Skin Disorders

Different skin disorders, varying in symptoms and severity plague millions of American each day. The most common skin conditions include eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, vitiligo, hives, and seborrheic dermatitis.

Many people are tempted to visit a specialist dermatologist to get their skin treated while a primary physician can do the same. They may prescribe medicated soaps, cleansers, and other drugs to treat the disease. They also advise avoiding certain behavioral practices that may aggravate the condition like touching the face.

Joint Pain and Osteoarthritis

Almost one-third of the American population suffers from joint pain, majorly associated with osteoarthritis. It is the most common form of arthritis in which the cartilage that cushions the bones undergoes wear and tear. While the condition may affect any joint in the body, it primarily targets the knees, hips, hands, and spine.

A primary healthcare provider helps arthritic patients by advising them on various medicines and lifestyle adaptions. Factors like mobility, healthy diet and weight help reduce the complications associated with arthritis. A primary physician may also recommend healing tips in case of acute bouts of pain that may render a person immobile.

Back problems

Back problems are the leading cause of disability in America. It is characterized by a sharp, shooting pain in the back. Patients visit a primary healthcare facility for medical intervention for their pain. Their physician advocates the importance of good posture and helps people maintain it. They also prescribe drugs and other practices that improve spine health and keep core muscle strong.

Cholesterol Problems

Hypercholesterolemia is one of the conditions that is majorly reported to a primary healthcare provider. It is a condition marked by elevated cholesterol level, a waxy substance, that accumulates in the arteries. It then clogs the vessels, hinders circulation, and increases the chances of developing heart diseases. Physicians offer prevention strategies such as a healthy diet, smoking cessation, exercise, and regular screening tests to maintain good health.

Upper Respiratory Conditions

Physicians are diligently treating various respiratory conditions such as runny nose, congestion sinuses, and throat infections. These conditions are prevalent in winter and fall and can be treated by the use of humidifiers and warm fluids.

Mental Health Disorders

Mental health disorders are a real thing that haunts millions of American every year. These conditions require timely medical assistance to maintain the quality of life. A primary healthcare physician helps with the effective management of stress to reduce the onset of anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression. They also provide counseling sessions to help people overcome their emotions in a better way.

Chronic Neurology Disorders

These are the conditions that affect the brain, spines, and its associated nerves and include Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease, and epilepsy. Physicians help to either slow or delay the progression of the disease by promoting various lifestyle amendments.

Cardiovascular conditions

A common chronic condition that presents frequently at a primary healthcare facility is high blood pressure. Physicians advise a healthy diet, exercise, and certain medications to lower the blood pressure to normal.

Headaches and Migraines

Headache is a common condition that reduces a person’s ability to function. Physicians identify their causative factors and suggest patients avoid being expose to them.

Endocrinological Disorders

Around 29.1 million Americans suffer from diabetes i.e. elevated blood glucose levels. It is manage by primary healthcare providers through strategies like a healthy diet, exercise, and medications. Apart from these mainstream conditions, primary healthcare providers can also treat other clinical research studies in endocrinology near me that are much complex in nature.

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