Top 10 Alternate Versions Of SpiderMan

SpiderMan is arguably the superhero with the worst personal life, most of the time. SpiderMan has been through some stuff. And has learned over and over that with great power comes great responsibility. This iconic character has inspired many alternate versions, as people want to see how different worlds react to SpiderMan. And hope that maybe in some he can catch a break. But anyway, these are the top 10 alternate versions of SpiderMan. With this, you can also figure out which version you want to try on.

Superior SpiderMan

It was written by Dan Slott and ran from 2013 to 2014. Some are not certain if this counts as an alternate SpiderMan as it takes place in the main Marvel Universe, Earth 616. However, it certainly plays out like an alternate tale. Following Peter Parker’s death and the dying wish storyline, Dr. Octopus implanted his mind into Peter Parker’s body. He overtook Peter’s life as both Spiderman and Peter Parker. Doc Oct SpiderMan is much more arrogant, harsher, and more violent, as well as draconian. Though he was not wearing the SpiderMan Jacket he enlisted the help of legions of Spider Robots. Especially not for a character as popular as Peter. 

Scarlet Spider

Firstly, there are four versions of the Scarlet Spider just in the main universe alone. But when most people think of him, they’re thinking about Ben Riley. He first appeared in The Amazing SpiderMan number 149, In 1975, after losing a fight with the real Peter Parker. Ben takes on the identity of the Scarlet Spider. He proceeds to protect the city alongside him even though Peter doesn’t want him to. For simplicity’s sake and cartoon adaptations, he is frequently just from an alternate universe. He’s low on this list because his arcs again take place within the main Marvel Universe. He had a neat costume, though, which may be why people remember him so clearly. 

Zombie SpiderMan 

He’s from the five-issue limited series Marvel Zombies released from 2005 to 2006. The series took place on earth 2149. A world infected by hunger, essentially the zombie virus. Before the virus, It was almost identical to the main Marvel-verse, a zombie himself like pretty much every other character in the story. SpiderMan is one of the only zombies to show any remorse for his actions. This series is gruesome, as you’d expect any zombie epic to be. If you love all things zombie, well, now you have something else to add to your list.

Japanese SpiderMan

There is a SpiderMan manga that ran from the 1970s to 1971. Written by Kazumasa Hirai and Ryoichi Ikegami. The story follows Junior High student Hugh Komori. He’s bitten by a radioactive spider and gains amazing spider powers. So basically, it’s the exact same story but in a Japanese setting with originally written stories. Which coincidentally tends to be what achieves mainstream popularity over here in the West.

The tone was also different, and when Kazumasa Hirai, the second writer, took over, the series began to take a different direction. Becoming more sexual and violent to the point when Marvel began to reprint the series in 1997. They had to edit out or remove scenes entirely as they were deemed too graphic. The translation was never fully finished due to cancellation.

Peter Porker from Earth 8311 

Do you guys love puns? If so, you’ll love Spider-Ham. This alternate SpiderMan was born a spider but was bitten by May Porker after she tried to revolutionize the haircare industry. But ended up radiating herself and biting Peter. While Peter was transformed into a pig, he still retained his spider abilities. He first appeared in a one-shot comic Marvel tale starring Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham number one back in 1983. Spider ham has a lot of fun and has made his way into other adaptations. 

Takuya Yamashiro from Earth 51778

This series ran from 1978 to 1979 and had 41 episodes and a movie. This was a loose adaptation of the SpiderMan story and as a sanction tie-in with Marvel. A motorcycle racer sees a UFO falling from the sky. But it’s a warship from the planet, Spider. His father is killed investigating the crash. But Takuya follows his father and learns of the war on planet spider and the impending alien threat. He also gives him a bracelet to activate his spider protector costume. This costume also shoots webs and controls the ship, which can also turn into giant Mechs. If all of this sounds amazing, treat yourself and watch an episode. It’s just as glorious as watching the 1960s animated SpiderMan. 

SpiderMan Noir

From 2009 to 2010, Marvel ran an alternate universe event wherein they play some of their most popular characters within a POV set. It proved very successful as the Noir element provided a steampunk-esque vibe to the characters. And fans just really gelled with the designs. Peter Parker, this 1930s world is dark with villains to match with a disfigured Green Goblin. The vulture is a cannibal and a SpiderMan who wields a gun. SpiderMan Noir was so popular, he got a sequel book, and it was even part of the spider verse arc that ran on the ultimate SpiderMan series. If you like this genre of works, these comics are worth checking out. It’s a fun romp into the Marvel multiverse, and he is officially the SpiderMan of Earth 90214. 

SpiderMan 2099

Marvel 2099 was a series of comics that launched in 1992. And as an attempt to bring stories into the future and keep them relevant to the trends of the time. It was originally supposed to predict the official Marvel future, but that idea was later scrapped. There were a couple of titles, such as Punisher 2099 and Doom 2099. But SpiderMan was always the most successful. Miguel O’Hara is a geneticist attempting to recreate the abilities of the original SpiderMan. And, of course, he suffers an accident that causes half of his DNA to be overwritten by a spider genetic code.

Miguel was the first Latino character to take on the SpiderMan mantle, and his mask is one he wore for the Mexican Day of the Dead festival. Miguel must fight against the evil corporation he works for because it was the 90s and all corporations are evil. It was largely written by Peter David, a popular sci-fi writer, and it’s still pretty good even if it is very 90s.

Spider Gwen 

Spider Gwen, aka Spider-Woman. This follows the adventures of Gwen Stacy from Earth 56; it’s an ongoing series that began in 2015. She debuted in the edge of the spider-verse and event that introduced many alternate realities SpiderMan and woman. In this universe, it was Gwen who was bitten by a radioactive spider that granted her spider powers. However, nobody saw that part. All they see is a spider woman fleeing the scene. If this sounds interesting to you, you know what to do. Check out, Spider Gwen. 

Ultimate SpiderMan Miles Morales

Ultimate SpiderMan Miles Morales is from the Ultimates verse, a separate series of Marvel Comics with new characters and tweak origins from existing ones. Morales is the first African American SpiderMan. Miles himself was also of mixed descent. Miles, at 13, is a very young superhero indeed, getting his powers from a modified Spider. 

Morales goes through his journey, including dealing with his own family as well as Peter’s in regards to his identity and how he can honor the legacy of SpiderMan. Miles is the most developed of all the alternate SpiderMan and is definitely more than the PC plug that people first thought him to be. Morales was one of the few heroes who made the jump into the mainstream Marvel Universe, and so his adventures continue on.

So those were the top 10 alternate versions of SpiderMan. There are many, many more the Marvel-verse is near infinite. What’s your favorite SpiderMan/woman?

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