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Tools and accessories for easy drawing

Tools and accessories for easy drawing. To draw well, it is essential to know how to observe and reproduce what you see without letting the left side of your brain begin to analyze and rationalize your perceptions. If you have any questions about how your brain works, you could read Betty Edwards’ book, drawing with the Right Side of the Brain, and find all the answers you are looking for.

Having established the reason that drives us to draw, let’s see the tools that allow us to implement this ancient art. First, we stock all the tools that every budding artist and designer should have, from digital tablets to pencils.

Drawing lessons: the best graphics tablets

Today the artistic activity is closely linked to digital as the computer is handy for drawing, correcting, or coloring your creations.

The first thing to do to put your drawings on your computer is to get a graphics tablet. It is a peripheral that connects to the computer via a USB port or wireless, depending on the model, which can be used with a special pen.

The drawings you make on the graphics tablet appear directly on your computer screen and, therefore, your handmade creations are digitized immediately.

There are digital tablets for all budgets: from € 50 for a basic graphics tablet to € 3,000 for natural tablets with screens.

The most significant difficulty with the graphics tablet is to learn how to use a tool that resembles paper and pencil but which requires a different touch.

To use the graphics tablet, you need to get carried away and:

  • draw while looking at your computer screen
  • manage the pressure of the pen to control the thickness of the strokes

To choose a graphics tablet, first of all, you have to think about the use you want to make of it, professional or amateur. Then, you have to take into consideration some elements:

  • the dimensions of the tablet
  • the resolution
  • the pressure level of the pen
  • the drawing software

As for the manufacturers, Waxcom remains the market leader and offers you durable and high-quality products.

Drawing courses with online virtual whiteboards

easy drawing

There is another solution for drawing on the computer: use an online virtual whiteboard.

The concept is simple

You have a collaborative tool for visual communication that allows you to make your creations online, share them and invite friends and colleagues to intervene on the project. It’s a bit like the whiteboard or billboard used in meetings to brainstorm or train staff, and only it’s virtual.

Online blackboards are not just for drawing. They also allow you to:

  • Insert different elements such as images, videos, audio
  • Chat live in writing or via webcam
  • Save your works and export them
  • Share documents

Each web board has its functionality. Generally, they are free tools, but to use some functions, and you have to sign up or make a paid subscription. If your goal is to draw online, alone or with a team, you could use one of these sites:

  • App
  • Deekit
  • Limnu
  • Flockdraw

How to choose pencils for a drawing lesson?

Also, in your case, the choice of drawing material is critical to apply the techniques learned during the drawing courses. First, you need to understand how graphite pencils are classified. For drawing, you can essentially use pencils H and B:

  • Hard tip pencils, H, from hard in English, are used for technical drawing or quick sketches. Their stroke is delicate and light gray. The type H pencil can erase with a standard soft compound eraser;
  • Oily-tipped pencils, B, such as black, are used for art drawing. Depending on the pressure exerted, more or less thin and dark strokes are obtained. To erase the type B pencil, you have to use gum or a soft compound.

The letter H and B can be associated with a number up to 10. The higher the figure, the more the tip is greasy, for pencils B, and dry, for H. Among the most famous manufacturers for the quality of the pencils, we find the Staedler, the Derwent, or the Faber-Castell. If you prefer, you can also use a mechanical pencil.

In addition to wooden and graphite pencils, you can use other supports of different colors and materials to make your sketches:

  • Charcoal is mainly used for portraits and allows you to work on facial expressions. A fixative must use to complete the drawing.
  • The cheerful, widely used in the Renaissance, has an ocher color that gives it thickness. It is ideal for representing a nude.
  • The black stone is an alternative to charcoal which gives a very dark effect.
  • The pencil with the blue lead is indispensable for cartoonists as the blue line disappears from the scanner.

How to choose the right brushes for your drawing course?

Watercolor, oil painting, or any other painting technique need quality brushes to make them.

  • The handle: generally made of wood, it must be easy to handle. The length is also significant because it changes according to the painting technique. A short handle allows you to be more precise.
  • The hairs: they can be natural or synthetic, fine or thick. Pig bristles are suitable for oil painting, while marten hair is us for fluid painting techniques.
  • The shape: there are at least 7 types of tips for exact effects. For example, round tips are used for touch-ups, flat and long tips are used for the bottom.

It is always good to have different brushes with hard and soft hairs available depending on the strokes you want to leave on the canvas.

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