Too Many Xbox Game Pass Subscription Plans? Here’s How You Can Differentiate

Gaming has started to look more like Netflix: Instead of purchasing a disc from the store and playing it at home, the subscription services allow you to get tons of games for a monthly price, including Xbox Game Pass 1 Month Ultimate or the even stream them without long download. But between xCloud, Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass, Nintendo Switch Online, PS Plus, PS Now, and everything else, it’s hard to know which game pass does what—and which are worth paying. So let’s break it all down.

PS Plus vs. PS Now

PlayStation Plus

This is Sony’s online multiplayer service where for $10 per month, you can play with friends and rivals online. In addition, the PS Plus deal gives you a few free games every month, which are available as long as you’re a subscriber. If you own a PS5, this new PS Plus collection adds 20 top PS4 games that you can catch up on.

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is a game subscription along with a streaming service that you get for $10 per month, and you get access to over 100 PS4, PS3, and PS2 games. The interesting part is that 800 of these games can stream right to your console or PC through the internet without installing and downloading them. You can also download and play over 400 PS4 games in an offline fashion. Of course, you’ll require a stable internet connection, but otherwise, it’s like Netflix for PlayStation games.

Xbox Live Gold vs. Game Pass vs. Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Live Gold

An Xbox Live Gold subscription for $10 per month lets you play Xbox games online with friends and family. In addition, you get two free games every month as a part of your membership, along with discounts on other games available in the Microsoft Store.

Xbox Game Pass for Console

GetXbox Game Pass Subscription Plans, and you can access hundreds of games to install and download. The standard Xbox Game Pass for console costs $10 per month and involves “more than 100” games, which some titles regularly rotate in and out, like Netflix-style. The first-party Xbox Game Studios titles appear on the service immediately they launch, while others take longer to show up.

Xbox Game Pass for PC 

This is the same as the console’s Xbox Game Pass, but—as the name suggests—it allows you to play and download those games on PC. It costs the same $10 each month but involves games from EA Play; it has a slightly larger collection.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

As the name implies, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription comprises everything mentioned so far. It’s a combined service for $15 each month that allows you access to the entire Game Pass and EA Play collection on your Xbox and PC, as well as the online multiplayer deals and discounts in the Microsoft Store. This contains a new game streaming service, xCloud of Microsoft, in beta and streams games to your Android phone. If you require everything that Microsoft has to provide, you can get everything in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. You can try Xbox Game Pass 1 Month Ultimate, which is one of the best deals in gaming right now. If you love to try a lot of different games, it’s useful—but if you have a tendency to stick to a few gaming titles every month at a time, it may not be as convincing.

If you have collected the Xbox Live Gold credit, you can easily convert it to Game Pass Ultimate at the rates defined on this page, which is great if you find Xbox Live Gold codes at a discounted price.

What does Xbox Game Pass Subscription include?

There are a number of advantages involved with Xbox Game Pass Subscription Plans.

Online play

An Xbox Game Pass tier is required by PS4 and PS5 gamers to play with each other online. Only some free-to-play games are excluded – the vast majority only give you access to online multiplayer if you have an active PS Plus subscription.

Free games

At least three PS4 or PS5 games are available to play and download every month at no extra cost. They are yours to keep till the time you stay a PS Plus member. You get the latest free games here.

Exclusive discounts

PS Plus members receive exclusive discounts on different digital download games from the PlayStation Store. Usually, there are added discounts for memberships on sale games during main sales periods.

Cloud storage

All Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members get 100GB of cloud storage to make their library of their favorite games, so even if you lose your saved data stored on a PS5 and PS4, you can easily recover it later.

Also, if you own another console and want to continue playing the same game, you can easily transfer saved games from machine to machine.


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