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Tips to Make a Foolproof Strategy to Clear Defence Exams

 The Indian defence forces are among the most prestigious sectors. Lakhs of youngsters aim to be a part of it. However, joining the defence forces is not a bed of roses. It will demand you to burn midnight oil. You just don’t  need a good intellect, but also sturdy physical fitness. Therefore, you need a foolproof strategy to navigate through the tough phases of defence examinations. It is seen that candidates remain on hot bricks while preparing for the defence exams. However, following a systematic routine can calm their nerves. Thus, following a proper study regime can aid in getting rid of negativity.   

Youngsters can appear for various exams to enter the Indian defence exams. Some of them choose to crack the NDA exam. Without a doubt, clearing this exam without proper guidance is a hard row to hoe. So, candidates can seek help from a reliable platform that  offers excellent NDA coaching in Chandigarh

Here are some witty tips that can help you elucidate foolproof strategy to clear the defence exams:

Every defence aspirant searches for effective ways to prepare for the exam. To offer help, we have embellished some handy tricks that can guide them in making a study plan for exam preparation. 

  • Know accurate exam details

It is essential for you to know the accurate exam details. Now the question arises, from where you can find it? This information is easily available on the official websites of the exam conducting authorities. Otherwise, when an official notification is released, it contains meticulous details of the exam. So, read the official notification carefully. Make sure that you know the latest exam syllabus and pattern. This can help you in preparing a proper time table for exam preparation.

  • Prepare a proper study routine

It is highly important to plan your studies. This can help you in ascertaining how much time you can get to prepare for the exam. Don’t start your preparations blindly. Make a suitable timetable first, then adhere to it. While making a timetable, try not to assign yourself long hours to study. Instead, you can give yourself short breaks after every hour. It can save you from getting bored while studying. Also, it can help in rejuvenating your brain and improves your focus. No doubt, short breaks are helpful, but try not to extend it beyond 20 minutes. 

Adhere to your study routine staunchly. It can surely help you in completing the exam syllabus on time. This way you can get enough time at the end for revisions. 

  • Assess your performance regularly

It’s obvious that you are preparing for the defence exams with the intention to clear it.  Well, no one is perfect in this world. It is essential to refine yourself daily to become your best version. Same is the case when you prepare for the exam. You should make improvements in yourself regularly. You might be thinking, how to do it? This is simple. You can assess your performance daily by solving different mock tests. The Internet is loaded with a plethora of websites that can provide you mock tests for defence exams. So, spare at least 40-45 mins in a day to solve questions from the mock test. You may not believe it, but you can save yourself from negative marking in the exam. 

For which defence exam are you preparing for? Is it the CDS exam? If yes, you can prepare for it by linking with the best source that can cater magnificent CDS coaching in Chandigarh.

  • Revise what you learnt

Memorising your concepts for once is not enough. To retain them for a lifetime, you need to revise them regularly. You can take out 30 minutes at the end of the day to go through the important topics once again. This way you can easily become dextrous in theoretical subjects. In case of practical subjects, go through the important formulas and tables regularly. 

Moreover, you can prepare notes while studying the subjects. Those notes can help you afterwards in revising the important concepts of the exam. 

  • Go through previous year papers

Previous year papers are the best source to analyze the level of the exam. Additionally, these papers can help you know the type of questions that come in the exam. To improve your performance in the exam, you can solve previous year papers. It can help you in attempting maximum questions in the defence exam. We would recommend you to go through at least 10 previous year papers before appearing for the exam.

  • Annihilate distractions

We often face distractions while concentrating on a task. It is essential to regain focus to complete the task. Note that you have to complete a humongous exam syllabus. So, you can’t afford to fritter your time over distractions. If you think your phone distracts you the most, keep it silent during your study hours. In addition to it, you can delete social media apps from your mobile phone. It may seem hard, but doing this can help you in fighting distractions. Therefore, prioritizing exam preparation can help you bear the fruits of success. 

  • Improve your general knowledge

It is observed that those who have good general knowledge can easily crack the defence exams. So, we would recommend you to improve your general knowledge, it will not only help you to ace the general knowledge section of the exam, but also personal interview. Remember, having a knowledge of current affairs can impress your interviewer and increase your chances of selection. To enhance your general knowledge, read a newspaper daily or follow a news channel. Also, you can download some apps on your phone as well.

Many graduates wish to enter the Indian Air force. Well, this is only possible by cracking the AFCAT exam. Preparing for this exam on your own is a bit hard. So, approaching an ideal institute that delivers perfect AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh can help. 


Aforementioned are some tips that defence aspirants can follow to clear their exam. Also, they need not to become hard on themselves while preparing for the exam. It is important to keep a calm mindset and maintain a positive attitude.

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