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Three simple steps of How To Get Medical Marijuana In Texas?

As Texas is among 36 other states that have legalized medical cannabis, it will help you find how to get medical marijuana in Texas. And my guess is, you landed here because you either have an underlying disease, or you know someone who has. Right? Most patients are curious to find out if certain illnesses got added to the qualifying conditions list, and some of those are Cancer and PTSD.

Cancer missing in the list was such a blow to cancer patients. Most of those who can access the weed attest how weed helps alleviate the side effects of chemo. These include nausea, loss of appetite, and a variety of body pains.

Since the Texas Marijuana Program was relatively narrow, many Texans have sought relief from the neighboring states with robust medical programs allowing them access to this plant. Even some patients had to relocate the state permanently for access — medical refugees.”

Unfortunately, others would acquire the weed illegally and wouldn’t know the percentage to use. They would take what they could get from others to relieve the comfortability. 

But as of Sept. 1, the Texas Compassionate Use Program expanded its list and included PTSD and Cancer of all stages. You celebrate if you have one of these since you don’t have to move from your state anymore to find relief. But you’ll need to know how to get medical marijuana in Texas. And all it takes is a few steps of filling a form. 

Other people who should be rejoicing about these additions are the US troops who have served in various wars like Iraq and Afghanistan. The rate of veterans with PTSD who served during this time was 13.5%, while some more studies showed that rate reached 30%. 

These fellows come from traumatic situations, and they’re always hyper-aroused and hypervigilance, which gives them sleepless nights. Medical weed helps to decrease these feelings and calms them down. It also gives them better sleep and fewer nightmares. So, they will also need to know how to get medical marijuana in Texas.

Although most Texans would think they can now smoke pot, the Cannabis law prohibits smoking medical weed. They only allow vaporizing and other means.

Another thing that also changed is the limit of THC (an ingredient in marijuana that gives a psychological effect). Before, the allowed amount was 0.5% under the program to 1%. That’s a narrower version than what the state Rep. Stephanie Klick had initially passed in the Texas House of 5%. Although it was still lower than other states allow for medicinal use, it could have helped those suffering from chronic pain. Most Texans feel this is still very low. 

And with that good news, let’s look at the three steps that you need to apply for your MMJ card in Texas:

 A permanent resident of Texas?

  • Do you have one of the medical conditions that qualify you to apply for the MMJ card? 
  • Do you have a doctor’s prescription of medical weed certified by the state to do so? 

Texas’s Compassionate Use Program (CUP) permits some physicians to administer their patients with low medical cannabis.  


Texas patients with the following conditions qualify for the CUP: 

So, if you live in Texas and suffer from any of the below conditions, or you know someone who does, you could benefit from medical weed.  

  • Autism
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Spasticity
  • Parkinson’s
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • ALS
  • Multiple sclerosis 
  • Alzheimer’s, including other dementias

And also, note the two added diseases, which are PTSD and Cancer. If you’re eligible with the above, then we’re ready to proceed. 

1. Fill the Form

If you’re not sure how to get medical marijuana in Texas, first, you must find a registered medical cannabis physician

2. Make an Appointment

If you can go to your local clinic, it would be best as you meet your physician face-to-face. And there are plenty of prescribers in the network available to see you and assist where possible. Your doc will ask about your medical history, review your current condition and guide you. After this examination, he will tell you whether medical cannabis is a good choice for you or not. 

3. Get your Prescription

After your physician’s review, he can now enter a prescription in the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas (CURT). 

  • The patient or the guardian has the ticket to get relief in any licensed dispensary as they get their prescription. But you have to show the patient’s ID, last name, date of birth, and the last five digits of their Social Security Number. 
  • You can find the drugs in easy-to-consume tablets, tinctures, and sprays. But you can’t smoke medical weed. 

Several patients suffering from various illnesses have benefited from medical dope. Some have managed multiple sclerosis to control seizures, especially in children, after failing other medications.  

Let’s have the final takeaway

Recreational cannabis is still illegal in Texas, while medical drugs weed is legal. Texans who qualify under the Compassionate Use Program can now access the 1%, which has increased from the previous 0.5 % THC. It’s still one of the lowest compared to what other states allow.  

The program saw some expansions as Texas lawmakers decided to increase the amount during the 2021 legislative session.

Two more medical conditions got included in the list, namely, PTSD and Cancer. At least that’s some good news for Texans suffering for a long time, and some even had to seek help elsewhere. Now they can get that from their state. Kudos to the lawmakers. 

In Conclusion, why would anyone want to know how to get medical marijuana in Texas? Because medical cannabis has granted relief for thousands of patients in Texas. And you too can get the same if you have any of the above-listed conditions. Use the few simple steps we’ve shown you before. 

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