Things to Ensure While Shampooing Your Baby

Whether you are a first-time parent or someone with experience, your baby’s bath time is going to put you under a lot of stress. After all, there are so many things you need to take care of – from gathering essentials like baby shampoo to handling the little one. 

While you cannot make the whole shampooing experience a piece of cake, there are some tips that can ease up the process. To know them all, keep reading! 


Shampooing Your Baby: Things To Keep In Mind

Let us begin with the basic pointers about your baby’s shampooing ritual. The little ones have a delicate scalp that needs proper care and cleansing. And even though your baby’s scalp doesn’t have too much hair, shampooing remains an important hair care ritual to safeguard the scalp against eczema and cradle cap. 


Here are some of the essential things you ought to follow to make shampooing a better and safe experience for your munchkin: 


  • Don’t Overdo it

Before we jump into the shampooing tips, it is important to understand that you do not need to wash your baby’s hair every day. Shampooing two or three times a week is enough for the scalp’s health. In fact, cleaning the hair too often can lead to dryness or discomfort. If you want, you can just use water instead of putting baby shampoo on a daily basis. 


  • Be Gentle

Your baby’s skin is delicate, and so is their scalp. This is why you need to be extra careful and tender while using baby shampoo. You can also use a simple sponge to clean the scalp while humming your baby’s favorite songs. Gentle care becomes even more important when your baby has eczema or cradle cap. 


  • The Water Temperature

When it comes to the water temperature, warm water is your best bet. Since the baby has extra delicate and sensitive skin, hot water can do more harm. To check the water’s temperature, use your elbow or the inside of your wrist. If it is too hot for you, it is definitely not okay for the baby. Moreover, make sure you do not put your baby in the running water to avoid unexpected flashes of hot or cold water. 


  • Use Safe Baby Shampoo

Having the right baby shampoo is probably one of the most crucial things you must consider for your little one’s perfect hair care. To begin with, look for a shampoo that is designed for babies’ delicate skin. Some other things in your checklist for the best baby shampoo should be: 

  • Chemical and toxin-free shampoo
  • Natural ingredients
  • pH between 4.5 and 6


Brands like Mamaearth offer Gentle Cleansing Shampoo that brings the goodness of natural ingredients to pamper your munchkin. The shampoo is also free of any harmful chemicals and has a pH of 5.6. 


  • Gather The Essentials Prior To The Bath 

Some babies can become quite fussy during bath time. This is why you need to keep all the essentials such as baby shampoo, soap, towel, and clothes nearby to avoid any delays. This will also ensure that you do not have to leave your baby, even for a second!


Some Extra Tips

When it comes to baby care, no amount of tips is enough. There is always an extra layer of safety or precautions that you can take to make the bathing experience hassle-free for your baby and you. So, below are some simple yet effective tips you ought to know: 

  • Even when you are using a “no-tear” formula for baby shampoo or soap, try to close your baby’s eyes while rinsing off the product. 
  • If you have a newborn baby, support them well at all times during the shampooing. 
  • First, wash the body and then clean the hair. 
  • If the baby is pushing hands a lot, use a toy or turn on some music to create a distraction.
  • After the shampooing, quickly rinse and dry the hair with a towel to prevent cold. 
  • Babies have soft spots on the head. Make sure you do not press these spots harshly. Instead, gently massage in a circular motion. 


Now that you know the tips, there is no reason to feel nervous or unprepared for your baby’s next bath. Just follow the tips, get the best baby shampoo, and don’t forget to click some photos to store some happy memories! Make sure to only use the best and natural products for your little one from brands like Mamaearth. It has Made Safe certified baby products that are natural and free of toxins and harmful ingredients. This means they are safe for your little one’s delicate skin.

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