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Things to Consider Before Applying for Visa Subclass 189

The most popular Australian Visa among immigrants in various parts of the world is the Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189. This point-based visa has been designed for those skilled migrants. Who are not sponsored by an employer.

The selection is done purely based on the skills you have but your experience. Your profile score. This 189 Visa Australia is a permanent visa that allows you. Your accompanying family members to live in Australia indefinitely with full work rights.

To apply for this visa you first need to submit an online Expression of Interest. You can do this but in or outside Australia. If your profile get selected, then you will get the invitation to apply in between a period of 60 days.

189 Visa Requirements –

To be invited to apply, you must –

1. Choose an occupation listed in (Skilled Occupation List) of Australia in which you have experience.

2. Your score should be at-least 65 points based on your profile factors.

3. You should be under 50 years of age and older than 18 years.

4. Have a Skills Assessment for that occupation from a relevant assessing authority.

5. In the first place you must have submitted Expression of Interest (EOI)

6. Must have valid health and character certificates.

7. First, Meet general Skilled Migration Basic Requirements.

Benefits of Skilled Independent Subclass 189-

There are numerous benefits of Skilled Independent Visa 189 –

1. First Live and work in Australia for permanently.

2. Study in Australia at any grade of learning.

3. Access to subsidized health care facilities.

4. Access to certain social security payments.

5. Apply for Australian citizenship after having spent specific time in Australia.

6. First Sponsor family member for permanent residency in Australia.

Cost of Visa Subclass 189 –

1. Independent Visa (Subclass 189) – Approximate 3755$ for the primary applicant.

2. Dependent Applicant’s fees for 18 and over – 1875$ approximate.

3. Dependent Applicant’s fees for under 18 – 940$ approximate.

Visa Subclass 189 Processing Time –

In the first place, For Visa subclass 189, priority processing arrangements apply. These arrangements determine in which order the Australian immigration. In the first place Consider the application. It is regardless of when those applications have been submitted.

If you find any difficulty applying for the Visa Subclass 189, so migration Agent Perth can help. Immigration Agent Perth provides all types of services to simplify the process of applying for a visa in Australia. Whether you prefer filling your own application. In the first place Or just need some consultation. Immigration Agent Perth can provide the right guidance. But make the process hassle-free for you. Since the applications for this visa. To be invited to apply, you have to get selected first.

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