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The Situation of Emergency Landing of an Aircraft

When a plane landed in a situation of emergency then it is known to be an emergency landing. Emergency landing does not always occur on land only. But airplane emergency landing on water also takes place. Sometimes it happens on trees, forests or fields, etc. normally when the pilot declares an emergency some standards need to be followed till the situation if the pilot has canceled it by the time the airplane touches the ground.

When the emergency landing occurs certain standard procedures must need to be fully activated. Among them sending RFFS equipment and also personnel to the designated position is part of standard procedure. It may help in dealing with the concerned person without any delay. In the situation of an emergency landing, the priority should be give to the aircraft .that declares the emergency and the particular aerodrome must be give priority over other others. It includes the delaying of other crafts too.

Whenever there is a situation of emergency landing some specific terms and conditions need to be followe .which have been maintained by the standard procedures. Also if the aircraft makes any abnormal touchdown then that situation is know to be an emergency landing in other words.

Flying on a plane, when it becomes clear that something is not going smoothly is always a horrible thing to think about. Sometimes the passengers of the aircraft start feeling the smell of smoke. and then the pilot communicates that they are doing an emergency landing. In that situation, everyone feels weird and horrible. but these situations do take place commonly in the world. And three types of emergency landing vary according to the situation and all have been categorized accordingly.

Types of emergency landing

The first one is know to be a force landing.  It is also know as immediate landing. This occurs when the airplane is force to get down such as at the time of engine failure. It means that the aircraft is unable to continue the further flight due to any reason. and in that situation; the plane is force to land immediately.

The second type of emergency landing is know to be a precautionary landing. that is a premeditated landing. which means the flight is possible to further continue but it is not advise to continue due to weather conditions. or there is a chance of being lost. It also happens in the situation when there is a fuel shortage in the aircraft. And chances of getting in trouble are high.

The third type of emergency landing is know to be ditching. It means when the aircraft is force to get landed on water. It happens and creates a situation of panic. Normally the rate of ditching in history is around 10 to 20% as compared to others.

Preparation of emergency landing

When there is an emergency landing occurs, several steps should be follow by the captain or crew. The first thing is to prepare a cabin and then send him a request for the emergency service. The next thing is to make a plan of action and review the evacuation procedures. The pilot must ensure that flap is ups and determine the wind direction. Then select the reference point which is nearer to an emergency landing and then start landing the plane to the landing area.

  What are the landing common errors by the aircraft?

There is certain landing error that may create a big mess like failing to clear the area. And poor coordination between the cabins, crews, and captain. Failure to coordinate with the control room, and there would be miscommunication. Fail to raise the flaps due to any reason. Fail to scan for the other available traffic due to any reason. fail to maintain the orientation, and fail to choose anything important like high and low key points.

  How does the emergency landing take place?

In the situation of an emergency landing. The plane is force to divert to the most suitable and nearest airbase or airport. And if these places are not nearer then an off-airport landing takes place. And in more emergencies. The ditching takes place when the flight needs to land in any nearest place which is possible. It might be a river, forest, or field. At the time of emergency landing, no other flights will be give priority other than the one that needs landing first.

An emergency is something that no one wants to think about but in actuality, we need to prepare our minds. and know the precautionary steps in case one may go with an emergency landing. Most people are habitual of several flights and they never experience any kind of problem with the flights. But they should be aware of some techniques and rules to handle if face any kind of alarming situation.

kinds of emergency landing

There are two kinds of emergency landing situations. One is plann and the other one is unplann. In a planned situation, the airplane staff is aware of the situation before and threatens the flight. And take some precautionary steps like moves to land quickly and prepare all the passengers in the meanwhile. Whereas the second one is the unplanned one. and in that case, the alarming situation is for all the passengers occurs. In that case, the plane is sent to it. This case occurs when there is a terrorist attack.

 What should be understood by the passengers when traveling?

In both cases of an emergency landing, people must be aware of the safety precautions and know how to tackle the situation. However, it is very sudden and requires a lot of courage to behave normally but still one knows how to manage it accordingly.

The second thing is that passengers should check the life jacket before being seat and must ensure how to use it. And all the related stuff must be ensure which are need by them in case of any emergency, those all the key things to know about them for every passenger of a plane. it is the responsibility of the crew

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