The Quick Guide: How to Make an Awesome Slideshow Video

Whether interacting with freshers during orientation or showcasing your company’s annual performance, a slideshow video can help you catch the audience’s attention. In this digital era where videos are preferred over anything, slideshow videos are highly effective. Compared to other video content types, marketers and business owners can easily create slideshow videos. An intern can create a slideshow video within minutes with the right tool. In addition, one can use a slideshow maker to create eye-catching video content. Read on to know the importance of slideshow videos and how to make one.


What exactly is a slideshow video?

You must have heard about a slideshow presentation. Usually, people think that a slideshow presentation can only contain images in a sequence. You can also place video clips in a sequence to create a fantastic slideshow. Slideshows with a blend of images and video clips are perfect for storytelling. The video clips used in a slideshow are related to each other and come together to tell a narrative to the audience. Like a standard slideshow, a video slideshow can also be coupled with speech to engage with the audience.


Why should one rely on video slideshows?

In this video-first era, video slideshows are a must. According to stats, more than 50% of marketers are satisfied with the video content’s ROI (Return on Investment). But, one may think, why choose video slideshows when there are various video types. The reasons why brands and marketers should choose slideshow videos are as follows:


  •     Slideshow videos can be easily created via an effective tool. However, not all types of video content can be created within minutes.
  •   The audience can easily digest a slideshow video. Every slide in a video presentation highlights a key point for the audience.
  •     Slideshow videos are dynamic and can ignite conversation within a group.
  •     Each video clip/image in a slideshow video covers a key point. Together, the images and video clips can cover more information. If you want to deliver more information to the audience, slideshow videos are apt.


 Steps to make a noticeable slideshow video

Slideshow videos are amazing but not every video drives engagement on digital channels. If you fail to bring together the video clips, your slideshow video will look amateurish. The steps to make an exciting slideshow video are as follows:


Step 1: Think of the video slideshow script

Before you start making a slideshow video, you need to think of the video script. What do you want to convey via your slideshow video? The objective of your slideshow video will help in writing the perfect script. You also need to know the target audience’s şirinevler escort preferences before creating a slideshow video. Media elements preferred by the target audience should be included in a slideshow video for better results. Also, having a slideshow script in mind reduced the chances of last-minute hassles during the creation process.


Step 2: Select the video clips and images

Every slideshow video consists of a series of video clips or images. One can also include GIFs and slow-motion videos in a slideshow. You need to think of whatever you have to fit in a slideshow video beforehand. If possible, bring all your media elements in one place before making a slideshow video. While choosing media elements for your slideshow, you must ensure they are related to each other. Media elements in a slideshow come together to convey a narrative and should be related to each other. Also, the media elements should be of high quality to boost the visual experience.


Step 3: Use a slideshow creator

Once you have selected the media elements, you need to bring them together. A slideshow maker can help you bring many video clips together. You can also add transitions between video clips to make the slideshow more appealing to the audience. Slideshow creators also offer pre-made templates to create a slideshow with the least manual effort.


How are slideshow videos used in the corporate sector?

What comes to your mind when you think of a slideshow video? Gone are the days when slideshow videos were used in schools and events. At present, the corporate sector is widely using slideshow videos for various tasks. Many B2B and B2C businesses are using slideshow videos for several processes, which are as follows:


Internal communications

A slideshow video can be used for several internal communication processes. For example, HRs rely heavily on slideshow videos to introduce new employees to the company. Apart from orientation, slideshow videos can also be used to show the life inside the office during company events.


Employer branding

When brands want to promote their company as a safe workplace, they rely on slideshow videos. A slideshow video can highlight why the company is best for work. In addition, employer branding with slideshow videos helps a company attract the best talent.


Telling brand story

Many brands share the story of their incorporation with the audience. When consumers know the brand’s history, they feel connected with it. A slideshow video is best for highlighting the company’s history or notable moments.


Function/event recap

Brands often publicise their company events and functions. They do so to keep the consumers involved with the corporate events and maintain transparency. With a slideshow video, one can share the critical moments of a recently-organized event with the audience.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why slideshow videos are used in the corporate sector. Not only brands but many influencers on social media platforms rely on slideshow videos to drive engagement. When you bring together video clips related to a single theme, they offer an immersive viewing experience to the audience.


Final words

Once you have created a slideshow video, start adding brand-native elements. For example, you can add the brand logo, colour, and theme to a slideshow video. Don’t forget to add music to your slideshow video for driving engagement. Start making eye-catching slideshow videos in 2022 to drive engagement!

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