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The Personal Growth Plan For Your Child

Personal growth plan


The first task for parents will be to help determine the student’s circle of interests. At the same time, the influence and opinion of the parents themselves should be reduced to zero. This is explained by the fact that the child will always strive to please adults. 

Especially those close to you (parents, grandmothers, grandfathers), guided only by the desire to “praise me.” 

As a result, he is ready to sacrifice his own interests, because it is better for mom and dad. The full-fledged personal growth of a student is possible only when he himself makes decisions that have a certain impact on his life structure. 

It is necessary not only to be able to listen to the child but to recognize his right to self-expression. 

After the development branch of interest has been selected, it is necessary to develop a schedule for attending self-development classes. The child should be limited by a time frame so that in the future he will not be tempted to evade responsibilities. 

He must realize that if he has already taken up the execution of the case, then he must bring it to the end. However, if in the process there is a complete loss of interest, then there is a high probability that the choice of activity was made incorrectly and it is necessary to change it.

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The comprehensive personality development

Comprehensive personality development also provides for the ability to rest, as well as to abstract from work during rest. When the break comes, let the child completely change their environment. 

Invite your child to take a walk and play with peers. This is due to the reduced risk of constant stress and excessive fatigue. Keep in mind that the amount of work an adult can do is vastly different from that of a child.


Responsibilities, responsibilities, and more responsibilities

The last piece of advice in drawing up a plan for the personal growth of a child will be this – do not let the child take on too many responsibilities on your shoulders. 

It is not necessary to give it for more than 2 circles, motivating it by the fact that it is necessary to develop. Your child will not at all thank you for choosing to fulfill your ambitions through his life.

“Why won’t she?” – you ask. Because, firstly, engaging in activities that are not of interest will give you nothing but fatigue and anger. The child will increasingly show his dissatisfaction and will refuse to attend educational institutions. 

As a result, you will simply become a kind of “saw” for the child who does not hear him. And secondly, he will miss the time that he could have spent to his advantage.

The personal growth of a student is not only the constant development of skills but also the learning and transfer of experience. Be a wise mentor, because “business is time, and fun is an hour.” 

Instill in your child more patience and love for others. Spend time with him, give him your smile, tell stories, and don’t be afraid to fantasize together.


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