The Influence of Coronavirus on the Talent Market

Most industries have recently undergone a sudden and abrupt decline, which has resulted in significant changes in talent acquisition. HR and TA teams have adjusted and evolved to function in this present period, with many businesses drastically limiting recruiting during the epidemic – with health concerns pushing for more adjustments.

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Now is the moment to prepare how your company will adapt as business executives begin to look forward and contemplate what’s next. The economy will recover, and businesses will resume more normal levels of output and hiring. However, it will take years – if ever – for things to return to their pre-pandemic state. Changes in how we recruit that arose from a pressing necessity during the epidemic might result in long-term changes.

After The Epidemic, Here Are Five Predictions Regarding Talent Markets and Recruiting.

  1. When the Economy Improves and Recruiting Resumes, Employers Will Notice a Surge of Certain Sorts of Available Talent.

The pandemic’s economic impact has been enormous. After months and years of unemployment rates in many areas of the world being at or near record lows, tens of millions of people have lost their jobs in the first half of 2020. Where firms used to compete for top talent in limited, competitive talent markets, they may still discover that talent is hard to come by – and that people are becoming more hesitant about changing jobs. Companies that used to compete for hourly talent with incentives, benefits, and more excellent hourly compensation may suddenly discover that talent is more easily accessible than before.

For the time being, the number of accessible talents in various industries and jobs has skyrocketed, yet many businesses are unable to employ them. Skill will be critical when firms are ready to “get back on the throttle” when the recovery begins. To drive the rebound and growth to put the firm up for long-term success, companies will need the appropriate personnel on board. And, with so many people searching for work right now, hiring will pick up when the economy improves, with applicants ready to fill critical front-line positions.

  1. Employers’ Talent Pools Will Be Widened Due to The New Familiarity with Remote Working.

The shift in attitudes about remote working is one of the hottest topics in HR right now. “With this enormous problem comes a tremendous opportunity,” said Alison Hallett, Cielo’s Director of Global Employee Experience. “We can learn to embrace remote working as a standard rather than a temporary measure if businesses implement remote working successfully.”

A virtual/remote workforce has mainly been a privilege for many businesses up to this point. Hiring managers are becoming more comfortable with virtual working software. The top TA firms will take advantage of this trend to boost the usage of virtual hiring technologies like video interviews and virtual onboarding. Companies and managers will get more comfortable with the possibility of this becoming a permanent choice over time.

The number of possible candidates for any given position grows if recruiting managers are more likely to accept remote work. If working remotely is a possibility, geography becomes less of a criterion. Even if a company or team is hesitant to take full-time remote work but is more comfortable with a hybrid approach – such as a couple of days on-site each week – a long commute can be less of a deterrent for candidates, increasing the likelihood that they will consider the position.

  1. Having A Larger Talent Pool Does Not Imply That Recruitment Will Be More Straightforward.

It may be tempting to believe that filling positions with qualified individuals will be more straightforward because there are so many candidates available. Particularly in comparison to prior years, when unemployment was low, and job searchers had more options. However, bringing top talent on board when your business is ready to ramp up in recovery will not be easy. The worldwide epidemic, according to HR thought leader Josh Bersin, is forcing a significant reset. We’re all rethinking our attitudes to life, work, and business. After the pandemic, the manner we recruit will change, and forward-thinking companies will use this chance to rethink their TA strategy and procedures.

  1. The Way We Engage Candidates Will Continue to Evolve as Technology Advances.

Recruiters and hiring managers are becoming more confident in their use of technology in the employment process. They’ll have to have an open mind about employing technology, automation, and virtual solutions that may or may not exist yet in the future.

“In recent years, a lot of money has been invested in HR digital solutions,”. Said Chase Wilson, Cielo’s Senior Vice President of Solutions and Product Innovation. “A lot of it has to do with changes in consumer behaviour that influenced. And the expectations for candidate experience even before the epidemic. There will very certainly be a new wave of technology produced to support our new style of working.” According to Wilson, this will result in “tech turmoil,” with numerous HR technologies pivoting, combining, or departing as a result of market changes. “TA teams will have to go through all of this and design technological stacks that look like Jenga towers of point solutions that change and overlay all the time.”

As new technology is developed and new techniques are used, TA teams will determine the ideal candidate experience. Now that TA and recruiting managers have more tools at their disposal, communication with applicants should be more straightforward. However, finding the correct mix and degree of interaction will be crucial. In terms of in-person engagement, most businesses’ hiring processes are contact-free during the epidemic. Finding the proper balance of automation, virtual communication, and in-person connection will be critical to creating optimum experiences.

  1. Employers and TA Will Need to Develop Trust More Than Ever to Attract Great Employees.

For recruiting and employer branding, trust has always been crucial. Candidates and job seekers need to feel confident in an organization’s leadership during a pandemic. The epidemic has created a need for leaders and managers to provide more assistance to their employees. According to Josh Bersin, the present trend in management styles toward empathy, compassion, and understanding will long-term influence leadership methods.

Employer branding will need to adapt to this trend as well. More than ever before, job seekers’ health, safety, and security will be top considerations. Employer value propositions will be crucial in recruiting the finest available talent. Easing passive applicants’ fears of leaving employment in an uncertain environment. When the economy improves, firms develop trust with applicants. Make them feel at ease and cared for – will win top talent and have a leg up on the competition.


Every company and sector has its vision of what the future holds. However, TA leaders will significantly impact how recruiting and the workplace evolves in the future. Taking this time to evaluate your current procedures might help you find areas where you can improve and for more improvement, you can take the help of online essay help and online essay writing service providers.

By looking forward, your TA function may modify to focus on what matters in the future. What is essential today, positioning your company for long-term talent success. With Cielo’s visibility across 150+ TA departments, we can put our knowledge. Insights to work for you as we collaborate to develop and build your future strategy.

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