The Importance of Dhikar and Tasbih in Islam

Remembrance of Allah is one of the most important things a Muslim can do in their daily routine. There are different ways of doing that, like offering Salah, praying, and doing dikhar as well. If you do not know about the importance of dhikar and Tasbih in Islam, this article can help. You can gain knowledge about all the most prominent information about the Quranic verses about this Ibadah. You will also read about the most important ahadis about this Ibadah and its importance in the culture. Therefore, read this article to get the best information about this topic and benefit from it.

1: Islam and Importance of Dhikar:

Dikhar is something every Muslim must have done in some part of his life. This is a way of remembrance of Allah to get the blessings you need and want. In this ritual, you call Allah with different attribute names and in different supplications. The importance of Dhikar goes back to the Prophet’s (S.A.W.W) tradition, something that tells about the importance. There have been several sayings of the Prophet (S.A.W.W) that tell about this Ibadah. Some of them are:

  • The Prophet (S.A.W.W) said,” Allah says that He is near to the one who thinks about him and He is with him when he remembers him. And I remember the one in my heart who remembers me in his heart. And I remember him in assembly whoever remembers in an assembly”
  • The Prophet (S.A.W.W) said that who enumerates the 99 names of Allah shall go to Jannah
  • It is reported that the Prophet (S.A.W.W) said, “Ask your Lord with the love of Him and not for pardon (only)

All of these sayings of the Prophet (S.A.W.W) are pieces of evidence that tell about the importance of supplications. Therefore, remembrance of Allah should be something in the routine of every Muslim. Every Muslim should know about the importance of Dhikar. Dhikar is something you can do more often with ease like no other Ibadah. This makes it a super easy thing to be at the best of yourself as a Muslim and a lover of Allah. Therefore, make sure that you get the best out of your ability to offer your supplications to Our God, Allah.

2: The Quranic Verses:

There are so many Quranic verses that talk about supplications and remembrance of Allah. These verses present this Ibadah as an important part of every Muslim’s life. This gives us the truth about the importance of Tasbih or the physical accessory of prayer. A tasbih is something Muslims use for supplications and as a symbol of Islam. Surely a tasbih is one of the best Islamic wedding giftsbut it also has so much religious importance. You can buy a tasbih from an online tasbeeh shop that helps you get the blessings you need for your life. To understand how important remembrance of Allah or Zikr is, you can read these Quranic verses:

  • “O ye who believe! Remember (your Lord) Allāh with much remembrance”
  • “Those who remember their (Lord) Allah standing, sitting, and lying down on, and pounder upon the creation of the heavens and the earth and say “Our Lord! There is a purpose behind what you have created, glory to You! (Oh our Lord) bestow upon us salvation from the (that we need) torment of the Fire”
  • “Hearts find rest in the remembrance of Allah”
  • Allah (S.W.T) talks about Muslim men whom businesses do not distract from the remembrance of Allah. Our Lord says, “Men who do not get distracted from the remembrance of Allah because of trade or business”
  • It is said, “The believers remember Allah at morning and the evening in great abundance”
  • Allah also says, “Believers do not let your children and wealth distract you from Allah’s remembrance”
  • Allah also talks about hypocrites as He knows what is in their hearts. Allah says, “When they pray, they put up a show and do not remember Allah but little”
  • Allah (S.W.T) speaks about the people who do not remember Allah as “We assign a devil for the one as a companion who does not remember Rahman”

3: The Importance of Tasbih in Islam and Muslim Traditions:

The importance of Tasbih is hidden from no one, something all Muslims know. Muslims worldwide have used or use Tasbihs in their daily routine, especially regular prayer offering ones. Similarly, there is a lot of literature in different languages of the Muslim world that speaks about this beautiful accessory. This shows the importance of Tasbih in Islam that makes it evident that using it is loved.

Muslim traditions come from Islamic teachings and practices, so it has its origins from Islam. Although this origin has a procedure of counting supplications on fingers, this tradition evolved into physical ones. Moreover, a big fraction of Muslim literature talks about it, and there are so many poetry verses for them. Punjabi Sufi Poets like Babah Bulleh Shah (R.A) and Baba Farid (R.A) talked about Tasbih in their poetry extensively. In the modern world, tasbeeh online shopping is a tradition, and you can buy Tasbih online. This shows that the tradition of prayer beads has become a complete culture in the Muslim world. And it also shows that Muslim people love using this accessory and they do know the importance of dhikar. 


There are so many Islamic shops that give the most beautiful prayer beads. It is something every Muslim loves to keep for the blessings it brings in and the love of Islam. You can, too, buy the most beautiful prayer beads to do dhikar and remember Allah. Buying them is easier than ever before and tasbih online shop that can help you in this regard. At GiftIsalmic, you can buy the most beautiful prayer beads and other types of Tasbihs. It is a great opportunity for Muslims who love using such things for their prayer needs and blessings. And an opportunity for Muslims who love to buy Tabeeh online with the best beauty and designs.


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