The definite benefits of playing chess

Chess is a game which is evolving worldwide. People are known to gather in the board room or in the comfort of the room to indulge in an online chess game. What are the reasons why people do not mind in devoting their time to this game. The game of chess involves an  intellectual  challenge that would be good for your brain and mind. There are various benefits of playing chess and let us understand them in details.

You would have an ability to witness the game from someone else’s perspective

A skilled chess player learns to anticipate the move of their opponents. So as to predict on what the other person would do you have to consider the perspective of the other person and figure out what they would be doing next. The behavioural experts tend to consider this as the state of mind. It would be vital to exercise empathy as this perspective would be vital for children who indulge in such games.

Improves memory

There is no surprise to the fact that expert chess players have superior memory skills. When you are playing this game it involves memorizing numerous   combination of moves with their viable outcomes. An experienced player tends to remember things via learning. As per a research report a comparison was done among the players who played chess to the ones who did not indulge in the game of chess. It was found that the players who played chess went on to have better memory power in comparison to players who did not indulge in the game. The skilled chess players have a better know how on how to recognize the visual patterns. A lot has got to do with memorizing complex chess patterns.

By playing chess you enter into a flow rate

Flow points to a stage of total involvement where at peak levels you operate at a challenging level. A performer or an athlete is often described as entering a domain of time wrap where they tend to be engrossed in the task they are bound to achieve that anything beyond performance would most probably disappear. Research indicates if there is higher theta levels in the brain where the experience of playing in higher end chess games.

Fosters creativity

Researchers went on to study creative skills among two categories of students. The first group was trained to play chess whereas with the other group this was not the case. Based on the tests, the students were asked to come up with common items or interpret patterns in an abstract form. Students who loved playing the game scored higher on chess. Researches drove home the point that if you play chess it is bound to increase your creative thinking.

Leads to superior planning skills

A chess game is popular for longer intervals of silent contemplation where the players end up evaluating every move. As a player you end up spending time in anticipating the move of your opponent as you are able to predict things eventually. The mind habit, planning along with careful contemplation does appear to be one of the cognitive benefits if you are playing chess.

Based on the tests conducted the group which played chess went on to showcase better planning skills as compared to the group which did not play chess. Even people who are playing chess spend a lot of time in arriving at decisions.

Electronic form of chess may prevent a panic attack

A lot of studies have not been conducted to showcase that playing chess would prevent panic attacks. A key to find the right type of attention and keep your mind distracted from unwanted feelings. Hence in this cases the difficult levels from 2 to 4 would be providing the right form of engagement.

Chess prevents the development of dementia

Scientists are of the opinion that mental ability at a complex level would be protecting the older people from dementia. Researches indicate that the best part about this game is that it is known to challenge your memory would prevent dementia in due course of time.

Do you think there are any downsides when you play chess

From the discussion till now playing chess with friends has its own benefits. A competitive chess player develops a sense of anxiety when playing a chess game. if there is stress over performance and competitive ability it can have a major impact on your sleep.

Parents often end up training their kids in playing chess that their performance in standard tests would improve. It may feature Maths along with problem solving, so there is a possibility that you could be disappointed by these gains. Numerous studies have gone on to indicate that playing chess improves memory or abilities. But it may not always lead to higher scores. Research has gone on to showcase mixed scores when you are playing chess.

If you plan to become an expert while playing chess it may require a lot of time investment. You need to practice deliberately and often alone so as to reap in the benefits of playing chess. An individual who excels in the game and experiences mental gains at the same time would stimulate and would take hours of study associated with the game. In addition there are prodigies in place which would be taking years to master.

Online Playing chess : 

To conclude playing chess has a variety of benefits leading to improvement in performance, memory, empathy, problem skills, planning or be it creative abilities. Playing chess enables you to deal with numerous types of health conditions which includes panic attacks, and ABHD. When you are playing this game you are bound to improve the effectiveness of your therapy sessions.

If you think on the lines of chess as a hobby it can be stressful and a waste of time. More so if you are looking to master the game in various tournaments. These drawbacks could outweigh the potential benefits . Which you have to determine at your own end before you make the next move.

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