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Over the centuries of human history and culture, cards have evolved from simple fool games to games requiring individual decks and complex multi-way combinations. Actually, it is about them that we will talk about collectible card games. In material form, they appeared, of course, much earlier than in digital form, and, of course, Magic: The Gathering stood out among them. However, now its digital version of Magic Duels is inferior in popularity to other CCGs, which we will consider in this collection.


Faeria is an unusual game on this list, and perhaps even among all modern CCGs, in which you need to collect resources yourself. Well, there’s a little bit each turn, but it’s usually not enough, forcing players to play spells and creatures to drain precious “mana” from special wells. No freebie!

Another interesting feature of Faeria is that the playing field is empty at the start of a match. You can’t put anything on it and you can’t walk on it. However, each turn, each player can fill two cells of the field with ordinary land or one with special (forest, lake, mountains, sand). The number and location of these lands determines exactly where and how strong creatures can be placed. In this aspect, Faeria is also the only one, there is no such thing in any other TCG! But what’s wrong with her?

Perhaps the modesty of design. Creatures and animations look very mediocre, almost nothing is voiced (only spells), premium cards also look a little more attractive than ordinary ones. We really hope that the Faeria developers are actively working on this, because otherwise the game can quickly fade against the backdrop of AAA projects. But she deserves to share a pedestal with them!



A solid mid-ranger both in this top and in the CCG market, Star Crusade is an interesting case to consider, since it is a project of our compatriots. The guys still manage to hold positions using the classic formula with minor changes. The “classic formula” is a gradual increase in resources for playing cards, starting from 0 and ending with 10, and a standard, divided into two parts of the field. Minor changes are an optional deck size (25-40 cards), an additional “energy” resource (other than “mana”), and character modules (additional abilities that require either “mana” or “energy”).

Star Crusade captivates with its setting: it is not a terry fantasy or a fashionable combination of magic and technology, but pure science fiction. The impressive influence of Starcraft is felt: the conditional “Terrans”, “Zerg” and “Protoss” are easily recognize. Monsters , soldiers, cruisers, blasters are include. Speaking of blasters, even if the character is equipped with them, he still “hits” and does not shoot. That, and the slightly lazy art and animation, take the edge off the atmosphere, but Star Crusade still remains a unique piece in terms of setting.



Arguably one of the most ambitious games on this list, Shardbound is the first TCG to feature deep Twitch integration. For example, if a player watches someone’s stream, an area appears on his world map, as if representing this streamer, and special in-game quests are opened for him. Playing a streamer deck, giving a streamer your own deck, teaming up with a streamer – all this brings additional rewards and fun.

The gameplay itself also deserves interest, since it has a strong tactical element: the battlefields are different, they have obstacles and landscape differences (highlands and lowlands), the location of units is no less important than their characteristics. There are seven factions – exactly the same as in other modern online games in the CCG genre.

However, there is a rather tangible snag: “legendaries” (conditionally the best cards). First, they are not particularly interesting in their effects; most often they are just creatures with huge stats for their cost. Secondly, getting them is quite difficult in the usual way (they cost a lot of resources), but quite easy for donation . Considering that there is no limit on their number, a donator can simply saturate his deck with “imbalance” cards, without thinking about tactics, and take opponents in number.



Free-to-play collectible card game based on the famous Yu-Gi-Oh ! On PC, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links came from mobile platforms and, it should be note, successfully fit into a rather narrow niche genre, held by a couple of large and very serious projects.

What bribes Duel Links players? Firstly, a colorful setting, well known to fans of manga and anime. Secondly, an unlimit number of available tactics and, probably, the largest base of cards, which is regularly update. Thirdly, the possibility of a full-fledged game without financial investments. Fourthly, the presence of Russian localization, albeit not without some flaws. I also want to remember about regular events and updates, various modes and the availability of training for beginners.


This game came to us from Japan . There, Shadowverse gained immense popularity, and the developers ventured into the Western market. Their risk paid off: TCG gained a player base and received many positive reviews on Steam . While its popularity is waning a bit now, the game continues to innovate and attract new users who want something new after years of classic AAA unblocked games 66 (which will be discussed closer to the first places).

In terms of gameplay, Shadowverse does not deserve such a low place in the rating: it is quite balance and solid, and most importantly, interesting. The main feature of the game is the ability to improve units right on the battlefield, leaving the enemy to guess whether you will lay out a new card or improve the old one … and making you guess what the enemy will choose. The game also has a lot of variety: the number of cards has exceed 400, and they are distribute among seven unique classes (representatives of such parties as forest, sword, runes, dragons , shadow, blood, heaven). What is the same reason?

Yes, in that the style of the Shadowverse is not for everyone. Specifically, for an anime lover. And not classic, which is studied in film schools , but a terry anime, very bright and colorful, with little girls with enormous powers and irresistible youths forever (see TERA for association). Who categorically does not accept this style or is indifferent to it, will not play or will quickly cool down to the game. Everyone who enjoys this anime with pleasure is welcome.

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The release of Eternal took place in November 2018 . As it is now fashionable, the setting of the game combines magic and technology: dragons and sorcerers coexist with cars and shooters. However, there are still more of the former, and even all types of creatures are purely fantasy, so the addition of “technologies” is nothing more than a tribute to fashion unblocked games 76 .

As for the types, these are fire, order, time, elements (as if fire is not an element) and shadow, plus combined and neutral cards. Well, more interesting than just elements, races or classes, it is somewhat reminiscent of “Heroes of Might and Magic” from the fourth to the seventh parts. By the way, the developers show resourcefulness not only in this: every time a new TCG comes out, players wonder what the effects of the cards will be call (when playing, destroying, etc.). So far, they seem to be getting out, but the moment when you just have to repeat yourself is still inevitable.

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