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The 37mm Artificial Grass

If you are looking for the ultimate in softness, you’ll want to look into the 37mm Artificial Grass. The rich, lush look of this artificial grass will wow you at first sight. It’s incredibly resilient and easy to maintain, making it an ideal choice for areas where you expect your grass to be used heavily. 37mm Artificial Grass also comes in four vibrant colors, making it perfect for children and pets.

The 37mm Artificial Grass is perfect for those seeking a super-soft look. This grass features a 35.5mm pile height and a 2mm quality backing. The realism is guaranteed, and this grass is easy to maintain and install. It is also environmentally friendly, and made from 70% recycled content. And, because of its long life and durability, you can use it on any location, from your garden to your roof terrace.

37mm artificial grass

Low Maintenance

This artificial grass is ideal for areas that need a soft, luxurious feel. The pile of this product is 35mm high with straight blades and curled base fibers. Its lush green color blends beautifully with any outdoor space. The low maintenance of this product means that you can use it in areas where real turf is not an option. There is little maintenance need, and it is great for commercial use. You can use it anywhere you have a natural lawn.

This artificial grass is great for those who prefer a soft, deep lawn. It is made with a cushioned base fiber, which helps prevent the grass from absorbing water. This product is very soft and looks great, and can use for gardens or roof terraces, and is also perfect for outdoor areas. It is ideal for residential use, as it is stain-free and UV resistant. You will be glad you chose this artificial grass.


With a depth of 37mm, this artificial grass is ideal for a lush, luxurious look. Its blades are soft, and the tufts are different. The latex backing makes it easy to clean. In addition, it uses drainage holes, so it is highly resistant to water. You can install this grass in any area that requires a lush lawn. This is the perfect option for gardens where water is limited and for areas where pets live.

The 37mm Artificial Grass is a great choice for gardens and roof terraces. Its 37mm length gives it a super-soft appearance. It is also durable enough to use in commercial environments. It can even be lay over concrete or on a deck. Regardless of your needs, it will make any area look beautiful. It is ideal for both residential and commercial settings.

Quality Product

Designed for deep, luxurious, and soft lawns, this artificial grass is the ideal choice for homes and commercial spaces. Its 35mm blades are made of soft, cushioned base fibers, and have different tones. It can be install over concrete and decking. Its latex backing makes it water-permeable and has drainage holes. It is made of lead-free materials, and is perfect for gardens.

A high-quality synthetic grass with a deep pile is a great choice for home gardens and roof terraces. A 37mm-thick lawn is ideal for residential gardens, and it offers a luxurious look and feel that is safe and low-maintenance. This type of artificial grass does not require mowing, and can be use year-round. The material is lead-free. This means it is safe for your family.

Texture and Materials

The high pile of this synthetic grass is the key to its luxurious look. The pile height of this product is 37mm, and the density of the blades is 35mm. Its ultra-soft nature makes it an excellent choice for both commercial and domestic gardens. Unlike real grass, it is easy to maintain. It is also durable. It does not need watering or mowing. The best thing about this type of artificial grass is its realistic look.

The Birch 37mm Luxury Artificial Grass is of 55% Polyethylene and 45% Polypropylene. It is environmentally friendly nylon fibers. It is also suitable for playgrounds. For those who have a cat, or any other pets, the artificial grass will be an ideal choice. It will be durable and attractive and will not withstand dog urine or human excrement.


If you are looking to your home improvement , why not try out some artificial grass samples? Whether you have a large backyard or a tiny patio, you can request samples from various stores. You can also use these sample requests to decide on which kind of artificial grass is best for your needs. A good place to get your free synthetic grass samples is Purchase Green.

artificial grass Samples

It’s important to look at the stitch count of artificial grass when you get the artificial grass samples. This number refers to how many stitches there are per square meter. A higher stitch count means more density and thickness. Check the weight of the grass to see how much it weighs per square meter. You should consider all of this when choosing a type of artificial grass. It’s best to look at the one with a high weight, as it is likely to be more durable and resilient.

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