Technology Minimalism Habits to Adopt

No doubt that technology has enhanced our life in several ways. Our smartphone today is the most interactions that we have technology daily. In some cases, we might also experience that on some days we interact with our smartphones more than even any other person. However, everything must have its limits. As you read about people getting addicted to their smartphones or any other electronic devices, it is something to worry about. Smartphone addiction has become a real problem.

Technology can be used for its good or bad services. No doubt that any device will require its phone repair service to keep up with its health. It completely depends upon each individual how they adapt to the environment that is provided by mobile technology. You can take certain steps which might help you to minimalise your interaction with technology. This doesn’t mean that you will have to put away technology from your life. It will only help you to properly check it in with your routine.

Some Habits to follow are:

1. The use of technology must be mindfully

We browse multiple websites about the day without even knowing about it. Therefore, being mindful in all these activities is important. When you scroll down on your mobile phone mindfully you are being aware of every activity. You can know what you are doing and if it is right or not as per your behavioural patterns. When you use something mindful and you are alert about your actions. This will help you to keep a track of the healthy and unhealthy use of any of the activities.


  1. Understand that technology is a tool

Technology is man-made. That is why it is said that technology is the biggest tool and invention. We need to understand that technology is made for us I’m not that we Are made for technology. Technology can be used for our well-being and only for the activities that we need it. Eradicating unnecessary sources of it is the best choice that you will make.

Thinking about anything electronic throughout the day or the major part of the day is not a thing. It will turn you into a robot. You must have other activities to do which do not include anything electronically. You could design your favourite activity as per your interest and put yourself on a detox.

  1. Limit your social media browsing time

social media is the most used part of technology. We get to interact and communicate with so many people who are around us or even on the other side of the block. There are multiple applications and websites for social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat and even many more. Many of us have accounts on multiple social media platforms.

We get so habitual in acting toward it that we keep on switching from one application to another. This is what makes us phone addicts. Limit your social media browsing time consciously. You must know that only because you are free doesn’t mean you are browsing on social media. Use that time of yours to invest somewhere else and grab something Knowledgeable.

  1. Limit your smartphone and its capabilities occasionally

As we know that a smartphone is flooded with multiple features. There are so many uniquely designed features present on our cell phones that we are not even aware of. As the capabilities of this device are touching other heights, we need to be aware of it. Each of the features is for a benefit and will always provide us with something more beneficial.

However, putting a boundary is the best thing you can do. We want to use our device as per all its capabilities. However, it is best if you can limit those capabilities occasionally and forget about them. This will help you to put a barrier between your usage and limitations.

  1. Monitor your activities and behaviour

We cannot blame technology alone. We all have this feature in most smartphones where we can track our activities and screen time. This is the best behaviour tracking system. You get to know how much time you are spending on which application. You can monitor everything you have been doing the other day or even for weeks. This will help you to know about the activities and the behavioural patterns that you have been sticking to. At the end of the day or end of the week, you can sit down and monitor these activities. Track and note them down to add some changes to it. This will be one of your best decisions as you can now design your routine and patterns daily.


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