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Tax return of Bankrupt Firms

New Modification Policy to Validate Tax return of Bankrupt Firms


In order to examine the income tax returns of companies that are experiencing personal bankruptcy, the Ministry has actually changed the Revenue Tax obligation Guidelines. An item of great information for bankruptcy experts as the main federal government has actually enhanced its powers. In this article, you’ll get to know about new modification policies/guidelines to validate the tax return of Bankrupt Firms.

Specialists can currently confirm the tax returns of insolvent firms. It is likewise the responsibility of specialists to abide by the policies established forth for specific firm tax obligation returns that are regulated by revenue tax obligation (24th Modification) Guidelines 2021 provided by the Ministry and we should always follow the guidelines of the Minister as these are the policies that eventually helps a brand or the company to in case of Bankrupt Firms or other mishappens.

These brand-new policies allow resolution professionals or bankruptcy specialists marked by the National Corporate Legislation Tribunal (NCLT) to inspect Tax returns of such insolvent firms. The brand-new regulations are as follows.

  • The Income-tax (24th Amendment) Rules, 2021, notified by the ministry on Wednesday also made it the obligation of the resolution professional to follow the rules meant for tax return preparers of certain assessees as per IANS

  • The new rules allow the resolution professional to furnish details of the documents given by the assessee for preparation of the return as well as details of the scope and findings of any examination the representative has done on such documents in case of a company undergoing bankruptcy proceedings as stated by IANS.

  • Under paragraphs (c) and (cd) of Section 140 of the IT Act, the return on income for a business and a limited liability partnership can be verified by any other person, as may be prescribed by the board.

  • The gazette notification said that in the Income-tax Rules, 1962 after rule 12A, the following rule shall be inserted, namely: “12AA. The prescribed person for the purposes of clause (c) and clause (cd) of section 140.

  • For the purpose of clause (c) or clause (cd), as the case may be, of section 140, any other person shall be the person, appointed by the Adjudicating Authority for discharging the duties and functions of an interim resolution professional, a resolution professional, or a liquidator, as the case may be, under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (31 of 2016) and the rules and regulations made thereunder.”

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