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Step By Step Guide To Write The Perfect Bio

What is a Bio and Why do You Need One?

A bio can be defined as a short description of oneself. A bio is usually written in the third person, unless you are writing about yourself.

You can use your bio to help promote your work/art/blog/website/etc. It should contain information on:

  • who you are,
  • what you do,
  • where you live or work, and
  • your contact info (usually email address).

It’s important to have a bio because it promotes yourself and your art. This is an opportunity for people to know more about:

  • you and how they can get in touch with you
  • if they’re interested in buying prints of your artwork or
  • booking lessons from you. 

Who knows, maybe someone will ask to use your bio for a promo or article!

There are many examples and templates on the web if you need help. Use one of them as a starting point for your bio so you have an idea of how it should be written, or just write about yourself in third person. It’s up to you!!

Steps to Write a Perfect Bio

Bio writing can be a difficult task if not done well. However, there are some simple steps to writing a professional bio that will help make the task much easier.

1) Know who your audience

Before you start writing your bio, know exactly who you are writing for. This could be someone at an event, someone interviewing you for a specific topic or even just to promote yourself on LinkedIn. Knowing what type of person you are speaking to before starting will help ensure your bio comes across clearly and professionally without any confusion or misunderstandings in meaning.

2) Keep it simple!

When writing a bio, keep it  short and simple. You don’t want to write it that’s too long and wordy, as it will put the reader off reading. A bio should be written in such a way that those who read your bio can understand exactly what you do and the services you provide quickly and easily. Even if someone reads your bio once, ensure it is written in such a way that they won’t need to re-read it again for them to understand what you do without any confusion or ambiguity.

3) Get rid of unnecessary information

Nobody needs an entire list of every project you have ever worked on so remove any unnecessary information from your bio before publishing it anywhere online. No one wants to scroll through multiple pages just to find what they’re looking for, everything should be concise and to the point.

4) Make use of keywords

When writing your bio it may be useful to include some keywords that will describe it to other people might search for online. Using relevant keywords can help make sure it appears high up on a Google or Bing search if someone is searching for those specific words.

For example, you could use words such as ‘digital marketing’, ‘project management’ or even relevant skills such as ‘social media’.

Searching for these keywords online may bring up professional bios with those exact same keywords within their bio description. This technique can help bring more exposure to it from those who are directly searching for those particular keywords.

5) Update it!

Don’t forget to update it every now and again as your profile changes over time. Your bio should be a reflection of you, so make sure it is up-to-date with the current information.

Writing an effective bio can seem like a daunting task but by following these simple steps you can create an amazing one in no time.

The Importance of Adding Keywords in Your Bio 

Keywords are the words that people use to describe information on the internet, and it’s important to include them in your bio because if you don’t someone else could. In order for Google (and other search engines) to know what niche or industry you belong to, you have to include keywords.

Including bio as a keyword may seem odd, but I’m going to try and convince you otherwise because it’s a very important keyword for this.

Firstly, bio is short for biography which often refers to a person’s life story. People want biographies of people they follow or admire through social media. They use bio as a search term just because it’s  one of the few things that comes up in their search results.

Bio itself is a popular search term that you can use in your bio to increase your following.

You can even use bio as a keyword itself because it works perfectly well both ways.

Include it in your bio to help people find your account and follow you through finding bio from other users!

Why Should you have both a LinkedIn Profile and Resume Online?

Having a bio is very important for a person. It provides insight on the history of an individual by summarizing their achievements and accomplishments within the field they have been involved in, past or present.

You can use your bio on your website, social media sites and many other places. Additionally, bios allow people to know who they’re speaking to when engaging with them online or offline. 


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