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Dividing equity shares among start-up founders can at times cause stepping of toes and ruffling of feathers. The process is more of a war that requires compromise, planning until you reach a balanced decision about who gets what. The bottom line is; everyone remains motivated after you all come to a unanimous decision. There are several factors to consider before determining the figures to adopt for equity sharing. 

Equity Calculator

Some people will argue that the person who came up with the idea should hold more weight on the shares. Others suggest a different approach based on the value of the contribution of every founder. A better way would be to adopt a way of sharing that incorporates all these factors, contorts them into a reasonable scale from which a decision arises. It would constitute a startup equity calculator

For everyone to feel well represented in the final shares’ figures, a comprehensive approach is ideal. Such a calculator accounts for every tiny detail of every founder and the role they play in the company. What does a CEO do? Whose idea is this? Is there an app or site, and if so, who runs it? Who works full time and who doesn’t? Who manages the finances, marketing, the budget, and who attracts investors? If you have a startup you need a technical partner to help run your business. 

Technical Partner

A technical partner can do the things that a CEO can’t do. You can easily divide your business work among different skilled people. To get your business up and running, you have learned a slew of new processes and abilities. You will want to explicitly define expectations with advisors early on as you build advising partnerships. So they understand how big of a commitment their function as an advisor will be in exchange for the amount of ownership you want to offer. Keep reading this full text to know a bit more about the startup equity calculator.


It’s affordable that almost all preliminary possession be granted to the founders. Early buyers acquire notably greater stocks than later buyers in view. Their first contributions are away better than the enterprise’s early really well worth. As an enterprise owner, you need to ensure which you proportionate possession of your enterprise with care and meaning. The most effective technique to visualise startup possession is to assume it as a pie. The quantity of pie that can be divided and shared has a limit. On the opposite hand, as your enterprise grows, the price of every pie piece may also rise.


An analysis of actual money spent in the business by each founder is also vital. Where applicable, is there a specific person who settles the bills? What would be the effect if each founder left the company at a time? By answering these questions and assigning statistical figures on each of these roles, it becomes easy to quantify the much each founder deserves. It is also easier to determine what they will take from the party when they leave. A start-up equity calculator manages to account for all arguments rather than make a biased decision about who gets what. Ideally, statistics make the decisions.

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