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Spirit Airlines Reservations Phone Number

Who doesn’t love to travel? Taking off on an adventure somewhere new can be exciting. But it can also be stressful when you don’t have everything figured out ahead of time. The more information you have about your trip before you leave. And the less headache you’ll have when trying to make all of the arrangements in time. Here, we’ll provide the most common questions asked by frequent travelers when they’re making reservations with Spirit Airlines. And answer them with information directly from their Spirit Airlines official site. Some of these answers may surprise you!

The 2 Main Ways to Book a Flight

It is crucial to note that there are two ways to book a Spirit flight: online and over the phone. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a reservation by calling in directly; instead, you will have to go through an automated voice response system and enter your flight details. If you do not hear back within 24 hours, you should call Spirit Airlines Booking Phone Number 888-678-0392. Before making your Spirit reservation number, make sure you know what exactly your purchase entails. Fees include carry-on Spirit Airlines baggage fee 2022 of $30 per bag. Additional bags cost $45 each; changes can be made for $100 per segment. Contact Spirit reservations canceled within 24 hours of departure are subject to penalty fees as high as $400 plus taxes.

Top Tips for Finding Spirit Cheap Flights

Finding a Spirit Airlines cheap flights is not as difficult as it might seem. Of course, you can always try to find a good Spirit Airlines deals directly through their Spirit Airlines website. But we suggest taking an indirect approach. First, you need to know when and where you want to travel. Look for Spirit flights in your desired region. During times of year that have historically been less expensive to Spirit Airlines fly. Once you have established when and where you’re going, use other official Spirit Airlines sites like Kayak or Google Flights to compare prices. If two months out looks affordable but three months out doesn’t look so great. Plan a trip for somewhere else during that third month. The more flexible you are with dates, times, and Spirit Airlines destinations, the better chance you have at finding a cheaper Spirit plane ticket.

Tips on How to Get Cheap Airline Tickets

Over a decade ago, Spirit Airlines (NASDAQ:SAVE) was known for its incredibly low airfares. Spirit’s founder and former CEO, Ben Baldanza, claimed that his idea of selling Spirit Airline tickets at $9 was not just a business plan, it was a public customer service spirit airlines announcement. For example, if you book Spirit Airlines to Las Vegas six weeks in advance on Spirit Airlines website and pay with a credit card (rather than cash), your base fare could be $12. The good news is that Spirit still offers relatively cheap flights—but you have to do some work to find them.

Here are some tips on how to get Spirit cheap flights tickets?.


Search multiple sites Before booking a Spirit flight, search Google Flights or Kayak to see what prices are available. When I searched for flights from New York City to Las Vegas over Labor Day weekend, I found that Spirit had by far the cheapest fares—if you paid in cash and booked within three days of departure (see tip No. 2). But because they were so cheap, there weren’t many seats left! On Expedia, Spirit was more expensive than Delta Air Lines or American Airlines; however, when I checked on Google Flights about two hours later, I found that those two airlines were both more expensive than Spirit!


Be flexible with dates and times In addition to being flexible with where you want to go, you should also be flexible with when you want to go. If you’re willing to travel during off-peak seasons, like September or October instead of July or August, you can often save hundreds of dollars per Spirit Airline tickets.


Use promo codes To further reduce your costs, use promo codes like HAPPYBDAY (which gives Spirit Airlines Flights Customer Service one free carry-on bag) or WELCOME10 (which gives new customer service Spirit Airlines 10 percent off their first purchase).


Book through third parties Sometimes call Spirit Airlines reservations grab good deals through third-party websites like Orbitz or Travelocity. And those Spirit Airline deals may not always show up on Spirit Airlines official site! So before you book directly on spirit book flight, check other sites to make sure you’re getting a Spirit Airlines deals.


Pay in cash Another way to get cheaper tickets is to pay in cash rather than using a credit card. This isn’t necessarily easy—you’ll need either enough money saved up ahead of time or access to an ATM while traveling—but paying in cash can save several hundred dollars per ticket.


Avoid online Spirit check-in If possible, avoid Spirit check in bag online and instead head straight to the airport and check your bags at curbside (for free!). Not only does checking bags curbside cost less than checking them online ($25 versus $35), but it also saves time since you don’t have to wait for an agent at baggage claim!


Don’t check bags at all! Spirit allows you to bring a carry-on bag and a personal item (like a purse or laptop bag) for free. However, if you don’t check any bags, you can only bring one personal item with you. That means that anything larger than your laptop—like books, magazines, toiletries or snacks—will have to be stored in your overhead bin.


Flying on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Flying Spirit Airlines on Tuesday. And Wednesday is generally cheaper than flying on other days of the week since fewer people fly then.


Buying tickets early Spirit Airlines is famous for its $9 flights—but those tickets are usually sold out within minutes of going on sale! If you want to get a cheap ticket from Spirit, you’ll have to be fast.


Become a member If you fly with Spirit frequently, consider becoming a member of its fly-for-free program. For $59 per year, members can earn rewards points that can be used for future flights—and those points are worth even more if you redeem them for last-minute tickets!

Know the Rules of Spirit Flights

Spirit Flights is notorious for not following standard practices in terms of check-in times, bag-checking policies, etc. It’s best to have a thorough understanding of Spirit’s rules before booking your flight so you can avoid any confusion or surprise fees. Spirit is also famous for its fees—which could be as high as $100 for paying at Spirit Airlines ticketing. If you book online or over the call Spirit Airlines phone number and want to pay with an electronic method other than your credit card, you will pay a fee of $30 per transaction. You may be able to save yourself from these hassles by doing some research ahead of time; there are lots of great guides online about how to make reservations on Spirit Air that could help save you money. Or, you can always call Spirit Airlines Reservations Phone Number: 1-888-678-0392.

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