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Speed up your business with the best mobile-first website design

With the change in the market scenario, Website Design Companies, website designers, and developers should contemplate the new standards of the market sphere to create an engaging experience for users. This has led to the need of creating websites for smartphones. It’s always more convenient to scroll on a mobile screen than on a chunky computer.

Why your website should be Mobile-first?

It is projected that there will be more than 3.8 billion cellular customers in 2021. In keeping with Statista by the Website Design Company in Jadavpur, Kolkata, India, a shocking 48.53% of the world’s populace owns a cell phone.

In that approach, the bulk of humans use their smartphones to discover the content they want. There’s a massive want for cellular-pleasant websites out there. So, it’s the task of website design companies to deliver awesome-looking websites to their customers.

As data will differ based on the browser, protocol, devices, etc. Thus, performance needs to be improved and modified. If you are looking for the best website design company in Kolkata, India, you should seek these things in your website,

  • Image improvement
  • Caches
  • Proper coding method
  • Content delivery network
  • Speed in web hosting

Tools that help in examining the speed of web pages which you must apply to enhance the experience of your website, are Google page speed insights, Pingdom speed tests, etc. Compared to other site tools to test the speed of your website, it is easy to use these tools due to their user-friendly UI.

  • Avoid in-page ads: Your own loading time of the page increases as advertisements are shown on your page. You have to wait for the third-party advertisement to transfer the content to your page. You know a mere 20% of the population of India uses ad-blocking technologies on their mobile phones.
  •  Avoid Plug-in and Website Builders: Developing a website with HubSpot Website Builder or any other content managing system will slow down your time of page loading. And will increase more if you are using any sought of plugins.
  • Avoid bulky linking channels: Forms in mobile should be small, containing only the important information. A long page form will decrease your loading speeds.

The one-page website is enough:

“Single-page sites typically convert much easier to mobile, and users find them simple to navigate.”- As mentioned by Adam Heitzman.

There are some specific reasons why people choose a one-page website over a multi-page website. The one-page website may not always load faster than many pages if you are doing things wrong. You can change your many pages format to a one-page format. Use few varieties of keywords for ranking, websites containing less content, etc. The one-page website gives you faster loading with limited features. It makes your website less loaded, making the pages of the mobile website load within few seconds. Moreover, the design of the website should be less haphazard, simple, and should present important information only.

Convert your mobile sites to Progressive web Apps:

Progressive web apps are websites that give the same UI as that of a native application. These websites should have the following qualities: authentic, appealing, and fast. PWAs provide users with an enhanced experience as they get the same UI and functionality of using an application while using the website. This saves the user from downloading heavy applications, saving space on their devices.  

Change your website to Accelerated Mobile pages.

As AMP is used, mobile webpages are loaded faster. As images take time to load, AMP helps in loading the page format before images or ads. The user experience is improved while using AMPs as they streamline the information using the already existing HTML framework.


The change in the loading time of your website could differ by each of these steps by 0.30 seconds each time. To get better results, see that why your website is running slow and how slow is it loading the webpage. Then work on the issue that the mobile-friendly website is facing. The developer can first optimize the performance by traditional methods and increases the loading speed of the website. Speed is a major factor in mobile-first websites.

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