Some Things about the Commissaire aux Comptes Bordeaux

A Commissaire is a French term meaning Commissary-General. It is the highest-ranking official in the wine-making process. The role of the Commissaire aux Comptes Bordeaux varies according to the region, but he or she usually plays a central role in the production of the region’s wine. The word commissaire actually comes from the French word “commies”, which means “common” or “together”. It is therefore common for the Commissaire to act as a provincial Governor of a province. Other titles used to describe him include Commissaire pour loyer (Governor of the Louvre), Commissaire de loyer (Governor of the City), or Commissaire de la port (Governor of the Port).

The First Major Wine Making Commissaire in Bordeaux

His predecessor was the Grand Master of the Society of the Apprentices de la Ville de Bordeaux. At the time the Commissaire des Pays de Bordeaux had authority over the entire production and distribution of Bordeaux’s liquor. This included the production and shipment of all Bordeaux’s fine wines.

Because the Commissaire des Pays de Bordeaux held the exclusive right to approve any new member into the organization. There were many people who tried to apply for admission. All of these applicants had to submit copies of their collateral, including their letters of credit and recommendation letters from their previous employers. Because of the high demand for the position, there were limits to how many applicants could apply for one position. Anyone who wished to be a part of the Commissaire au Pays de Bordeaux to first fill out an application form. And then wait for a reply from the Commissaire des Pays de Bordeaux. One of the duties of the Commissaire aux Comptes Bordeaux was to personally visit wineries with which he was affiliated. Sometimes he would even select a vineyard notary and send him on a private visit. He also had the authority to deny any applicant, for any reason. This duty carried considerable weight in his career, so he almost never approved a request.

The Position of the Commissaire De Notre Mission Was Hereditary

His great-grandfather served in the same office twenty years earlier. The first known recorded instance of a Commissaire de Notre was Pierre Bonaparte, the Directory’s First Commissioner. It is believed that the position creates; at the time of the Dauphine, by Emperor Maximilian, in 1530. The name ‘commissaire’ in French signifies “master of ceremonies”, but in English, it means “commissioner”. A Notre mission usually bears the title of Commissaire de la commission de Notre, or Commissaire pour le Notre.

The word “commissaire” has its origin in the French word: commies” (meaning “to bargain”). Therefore, the person holding the office; was also referred to as; “commissar”, “lord of contracts” or “commerce”. The head of the Commissaire office was commonly known as; le premier bureau de Notre” or “le premier Baux de Notre”, which literally translates as commissioner of contracts”. As you can see from the names; the position of Commissaire is very; important and its head may be regarded; as the most important person in the city.

Another important task of the Commissaire aux Comptes Bordeaux is the establishment of an inventory list. This list was used by the Commissaire to facilitate; communication between the departments of the city and was also a great means of coordination. It was the first official inventory list and the basis of all future inventories.

Another important duty of the Commissaire de la commission de Notre was to establish the rules and regulations governing the city’s commerce. The main function of these officials was the maintenance of order and the prevention of the disorder in the city.

Some of the duties that they had to perform included the collection of taxes and the collection of customs

They were also responsible for the inspection of cargoes coming into the city from foreign ports. The list of jobs that the Commissaire de Notre had to perform during his appointment as the city’s administrative head is quite long and these include the responsibilities for the maintenance of the Porte de Versailles, the customs at the entrance of the city, the collection of taxes, COMPTABLE GRENOBLE the setting of the prices charged for certain commodities and the setting up of the customs warehouses.


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