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Smart Cities: Driving the future of urbanization

The concept of Smart cities has been in discussion for many years now. Many countries, including India, Japan, China, and others, are looking forward to implementing smart solutions that may transform the cities into smart cities.

The growing urban population and disposable income are significantly contributing to the shift towards smart cities. The UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA) published a “2019 World Urbanization Prospects” report, which says that the urban population is forecast to increase from 55.7% in 2019 to 68.4% in 2050, globally. Thus, the growing population is surging the demand for sustainable infrastructure and rapid urbanization through smart city initiatives. According to a study by Astute Analytica, the global smart cities market is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.5% during the forecast period from 2022 to 2030. It driving the future of urbanization

The concept of such cities has been in discussion for many years now. Many countries, including India, Japan, China, and others, are looking forward to implementing smart solutions that may transform the cities into smart cities.

The concept has also transformed its meaning from ‘digital’ activation to ‘sustainable’ at some point. Undoubtedly, technology has been a major dimension on which smart cities are constructed. In addition to that, sustainable development is adding a key motive for the countries to achieve. They are expected to drive the future of urbanization for many reasons. Growing penetration of technology, rising number of advancements, the contribution of governments, and other such factors are explained below.

Innumerable benefits

Smart cities constitute many factors, such as smart governance, smart building, environmental solution, smart healthcare, smart utilities, and smart transportation. In addition to that, it comprises other various subsegments that ultimately cover the overall infrastructure. The demand for smart infrastructure is increasing at a rapid pace. Whether it is a need for real-time traffic information, city surveillance, or e-governance, the concept of these cities is gaining traction on a regular basis. The growing deployment of mobile phones and the need for efficient services are the other factors driving the demand for smart cities.

Climate Concerns

The growing pollution and diseases is alarming for citizens and governments also. It is high time to look over the concerns related to CO2 emission and build smart and green infrastructure. Even the automotive industry is witnessing a rapid shift towards hybrid and electric models.

Initiatives by Governments

Governments of various nations are looking forward to ways to establish smart city infrastructure. The introduction of new projects and high investments by government bodies will all contribute to the growth of smart cities. For instance, the Indian government recently introduced its smart city project and information related to investments. Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri announced that the government has selected around 100 cities that are soon to be transformed into smart cities. The Central Government is forecast to offer financial support of around ₹ 48000 crores over five years, which means the government will spend ₹ 100 crores per city per year.

In addition to that, China has also announced 500 smart cities pilot projects recently. China’s government is planning to make huge investments in the project. Dubai has also set its goal to achieve the objective of the Smart Dubai Plan 2021.


Recognizing the potential scope of such cities, companies are also taking a step ahead to contribute to the growing demands. For instance, Videocon Connect has recently unveiled various initiatives, such as Smart Solutions (bulk voice and messaging), Smart Cities, Security-Surveillance, and Digital Marketing, with the aim to contribute to the growing focus towards Digital India.

In February 2018, Honeywell unveiled its smart building technology. The technology efficiently links building personnel with data analytics, which improves operational efficiencies.

Siemens building technologies division also unveiled its dust sensor in January 2018. The sensor aims to monitor and visualize particle pollution.

5G to Change the Outlook of Smart Cities

The advent of 5G is forecast to escalate the growth prospects of these cities. Development of 5G networks will offer 100x speed as compared to the 4G speed. Thus, the potential scope of 5G will ultimately contribute to the growth of smart cities in the near future.

Smart Cities to Change the Outlook of Government Services

Smart cities do not only consist of citizens but also enterprises. Thus, the growth of smart cities will ultimately benefit government enterprises. The Command and Control Center (CCC) is the best example to explain that. Smart city applications, such as energy management, city surveillance, smart lighting, smart parking, Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS), and waste management solutions are controlled and monitored via the CCC center. As a result, the CCC center plays a significant role in collecting and analyzing the massive data of government enterprises.

Smart Buildings to Build a New Trend

Buildings are one of the significant elements that contribute to urbanization. The rising focus of government bodies towards climate and energy conservation is further propelling the demand for innovative sustainable solutions. Increasing energy consumption has prompted the next wave of smart green buildings driven by IoT sensors. The smart building devices will perform the usual monitoring of the building’s temperature and check the humidity. In addition, it will also offer an efficient experience through advanced applications. The growing revolution of smart devices can help you find a spot-on arrival and detect a desk or meeting room. Thus, the demand for buildings is soon to transform into demand for smart buildings. The new era of smart cities is not so far.

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