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Should my child learn to read in English or our native language?

If we are talking about how to start teaching a child to read in English, then the answer is obvious and correct. This all starts from learning the alphabet. This should be fun and interesting for your child to study, because we all know that this is not the most loved thing that children do. You can teach them by listening kid’s songs or by playing with toy cubes. Just try everything that you think will bring happiness to your kids and teach them at the same time. An increasingly popular way of teaching a child to read is becoming more popular among parents and teachers. In fact, your children do not learn letters separate from words. They usually learn the sound, which is even more important than just knowing the letters.

Just remember, that all children are different and sometimes remember information for a very long time, so you should not rush your baby, you should be 100% sure that you know your previous materials well.

bilingual books for kids

Bilingual books for children

If your child can at least read one sentence in your native language, then it is time to go with another language. How to do that? There is one common method for this, this is bilingual books. There are so many bilingual books for any age of your kid. Read the book with your kid. For instance, there are so many books that you can read before sleep. This will give to your kid not only best habits, which is read before sleep, but also will learn forign language. How does it work? Easily! Read at first in your native language, after the same sentence in forign language. This will be so understandable for your kid. And especially before sleep it will stick in your kid’s brain and will help to understand both languages. Or keep reading while your kids are eating. This also will be the perfect way to start reading. So bilingual children’s books will definitely help with this.

This method is based on the child’s imagination. They will start to remember the word with your native language, and after they will start to remember forigne one. And given the fact that usually a child’s memory is many times better than ours, an adult’s (if there is a moment of interest, of course!) then this method can bring much faster results.


This is also so common method and so useful one for start to read or teach to read faster in forign language. You should practice both, to teach a native language and a foreign one. This method consists in starting learning not from parts to whole, but on the contrary, from whole to parts, that is, from whole words to letters. This method is used precisely from early childhood – from the age of 3. If your kid already can read fast with your native language, try forigne one. Obviously, the most powerful way to learn to read quickly is to read a lot. The more information in English your kids “pass” through their brain, the easier it will be for them to isolate the main thing, to catch all the shades of meaning, to pay attention to the details. Moreover, it is best to read texts that match your kid’s current level. Your kid may find the tutorial articles and stories daunting at first, but you can handle it. Therefore, the more your child reads, the faster they will learn to read correctly.

Get started now!  By adopting these simple techniques, your children can learn to read faster and understand more. Read bilingual books and practice reading as much as possible.






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