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Secrets to NDIS Providers in Ballarat – Even in This down Economy

People with disabilities deserve to live healthy and happy lives, and there is no doubt in their capability to do so. In fact, disabled people are more dedicated and serious about life. All they need is some support. And that’s what NDIS is for – to provide all kinds of support to the disabled people of Australia. There are about 4.3 million people with disabilities in Australia. And, NDIS has been a savior for them in a number of ways.

NDIS providers in Ballarat and other cities of Australia are not only improving the quality of life for the disabled people but contributing to the economy of the country as well.

The Effects of NDIS on the Economy

The money participants spend is not the only impact of NDIS on the economy. In fact, it is much more. It includes giving a green signal to disabled people towards opportunities that can make them part of the workforce.

Also, carers are paid for their efforts so the people they are looking after get adequate support. Plus, you can unlock a workforce’s potential that is eager to work and suitably support them entering the workplace.

According to the Families and Carers Outcomes Report, in which the officials of NDIS surveyed 77000 family members and carers and 140000 disabled Australians, the rate of employment for carers and parents of people with disabilities is around 30 pc lower than the rest of the population.

But the good news is that times are changing.

The rate of employment for carers and families of participants over the first year under the scheme has increased. Moreover, the number of hours worked has increased too. The rate of increase is very impressive considering the short amount of time.

For individuals, economic participation is much more than getting a job. And that is because it gives them a sense of belonging and becomes part of our identity.

Because of work, you can become truly independent, and everyone, including the disabled, have a right to seek independence through work.

The three P’s of economic growth include PARTICIPATION, alongside productivity and population. And well, one part of the NDIS Participant Employment Strategy includes a commitment to increase the number of working-age NDIS participants in some reputable work. And, the raise is estimated to go from 24pc to 30pc by 2023.

Power of the Right Support – Examples

Take the example of Henry Jacob, who is 30. He is a quadriplegic from Ballarat. Before he became a car accident victim five years ago, he had a job as an accountant and was also busy raising his little daughter.

Because of the accident, he was housebound and could not participate fully in family life or even go to work.

When he joined NDIS in 2018, he aimed to drive again with a modified vehicle using his plan funds. By buying a van, modifying it, and relicensing it, he is able to do much more. Now, he takes his family out, works as a delivery driver, and has volunteered to deliver food to the underprivileged areas.

The modifications to his van were a part of his NDIS plan, and this has totally changed Henry’s life.

There are thousands of Henrys whose lives have been changed because of NDIS Providers in Ballarat.

Another example is of 25-year-old Kate, who has Down Syndrome. Her story demonstrates the impacts of the Scheme and the reason for everyone to contribute. Kate uses her NDIS funding to maintain a busy schedule, including studying, acting, dancing, volunteering, and working on her own radio program.

Also, she is studying a Certificate 3 in childcare and volunteering at a childcare centre.

The NDIS funding of Kate covers support workers who help improve her numeracy, literacy, planning skills, time management, and critical skills to land her a paid job.

According to Kate and her family, NDIS is responsible for providing her more learning opportunities, and she is not far away from paid employment and being independent.

Qualities of Disabled Employees

There are so many ways in which people with disabilities can help employers and are an asset to the workplace.

Employees with disabilities are:

Productive: Studies have shown that disabled people work equally well as people without disabilities, once they are given the right job. Their productivity is as good as others, and they prove to be a vital component of the workforce.

Reliable: According to the Australian Safety and Compensation Council, employees with disabilities take fewer sick leaves, days off and stay in jobs longer than other workers.

Further, evidence shows that employing people with a disability do much more than you can imagine.

  • It increases experience and talent in your workforce
  • Disability makes way for improved retention because of employee loyalty
  • It is a source of improvement of customer engagement and reflects the customer base well

Words of the CEO

The CEO of NDIS emphasized that everyone has a responsibility to do something about the gap in employment for people with a disability. He further said that employing a disabled person is not an act of charity or kindness. This is because a workplace with a broader community diversity has greater chances to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

He also added that we should think if our workplaces are physically accessible and participate in the meetings. Are we ensuring that our recruitment practices are inclusive? He ended by challenging everyone to consider how they could make a difference in employing more people with a disability.


A disability is not the dead end. You have to consider it the starting line of a very valuable thing that is life. When a baby comes into this world, they learn from what is around them: the people, the environment. Similarly, after a disability, consider it a new beginning and adapt to the surroundings and your new gear.

Remember, if you find something difficult, there are people ready to support you in whatever way you want.

NDIS is not only making the lives of disabled people easier but also helping the country’s economy.

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