Seagate CoolPlay 530 solid state drive unlocks a higher level of performance

Seagate CoolPlay 530 solid-state drive unlocks a higher level of performance

worldwideSeagate Technology (NASDAQ: STX), a leading provider of data storage infrastructure solutions, recently announced its launch at its SG21 first virtual game exhibition up to date PC gaming solid-state drive-Seagate 530 (FireCuda™ 530) series solid-state drive. This product uses up to date PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSD technology has the best performance among the company’s PC game storage products, and combines excellent speed, durability, and large capacity to help PC performance reach its peak.

The sequential read speed of Seagate Coolwan 530 series solid-state drives is as high as 7300MB/s, which is twice as fast as PCIeGen3 solid-state drives and 12 times as fast as SATA solid-state drives. The hard drive uses Seagate’s certified E18 controller and up to date 3DTLCNAND particles can provide the best speed and durability for PC games. In addition, Seagate also provides a minimalist heat dissipation solution specially designed by EKWB, which eliminates the traditional heat sink and replaces it with a heavier high-and aluminum block, its surface texture is very fine, can maximum limit the heat dissipation effect. Save with Sports direct promo code and Amazon discount code

    Seagate TechnologyworldwideJeff Fochtman,

Senior Vice President of Marketing, said: “The Seagate CoolPlay 530 series SSDs are Seagate’s fastest and most powerful gaming SSDs. We launched it at the company’s first virtual game show to emphasize its importance. From the excellent Seagate CoolPlay 530 series solid-state drives to a strong lineup of partners and guests, I hope SG21 will take all aspects of us to a whole new level.”

Kat Silberstein, CEO of EKWB Americas, said: “We encountered a severe challenge when customizing the radiator: we must meet both the functional and form factor requirements-the product must not only provide excellent thermal management, but also ensure the Seagate Cool Play series. The compact design known as EKWB and EKWB. In the end, the open collaboration between the two parties made Seagate Play 530 a great success.” Save with Amazon NHS Promo Code and Amazon Voucher Code NHS

    Seagate Coolplay 530 series solid-state drive capacityHighestUp to 4TB,

the durability is also extremely good, the mean time between failure (MTBF) is up to 1.8 million hours, and the total written data volume is up to 5100TB, which means that gamers can write and delete 70% of the hard disk capacity every day for 5 years. %.

Seagate Coolplay 530 series solid-state drives provide three-year data rescue service and five-year limited warranty to properly protect the data security of gamers, so that they can rest easy. In addition, the hard drive also comes with Seagate SeaTools™ and DiscWizard™ software, gamers and PC manufacturers can easily add new hard drives to their computers, and closely monitor the performance and operating conditions of each hard drive.

Seagate Coolwan 530 series solid-state drives will start shipping this summer, with suggested retail prices of 999 USD (500GB), 1699 yuan (1TB), 3699 USD (2TB) and 6599 USD  (4TB).  You can submit your guest post article at Write for us



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