Recent Changes to ten-year Family Immigration Settlement Routes

Recent Changes to 10-Year Family Settlement Routes

Several recent revisions to the Immigration Rules relating to Private Life and Family Life applications and Settlement via these pathways have been made.  If you’re looking to purchase or sell a home or business in London. The best law firms with the best teams of attorneys. They are Dispute resolution solicitors in London.

In earlier postings, we have focused on modifications to the Private Life path for permission to remain and Settlement. This article summarizes the new Rules for settling based on Family Life and continuous residency.

Appendix Settlement Family Life

Appendix Settlement Family Life provides the Immigration rules to settle in the UK for a person with a qualifying ten-year period as a spouse or parent or on a combination of these paths. It entered into force on 20 June 2022. Appendix FM still sets the guidelines on Settlement for people on a 5-year route.

It is an alternative method to settling based on 10 year long residence.

Validity of an Application for Family Life Settlement

The validity rules for Settlement on the basis of a qualifying ten-year term as a partner or parent, or on a combination of these methods, are transferred within this Appendix instead of relying on Paragraph 34A.

To make a valid application for Settlement on this route:

  • The relevant application form must be utilized, which is the online form ‘settlement as a partner or parent’; and
  • The application fee must have been paid; and
  • Biometrics must be provided as required; and
  • The Applicant must provide a passport or other travel document to satisfactorily establish their identity and nationality; and

The Applicant must be in the UK on the date of application.

In order to apply for Settlement on the ten year Family Life route, the Applicant must have, or have last been given, approval as a partner or parent under Appendix FM.

Suitability Requirements for Family Life Settlement

The suitability grounds for refusal, which apply to applications for indefinite leave to remain under Appendix FM, must be met, but some have more stringent requirements, and additional requirements must also be met.

The suitability requirements are stricter than those in Appendix FM concerning criminality thresholds.

Those convicted of a criminal offense in the UK or overseas and sentenced to a period of imprisonment of 12 months or more will be subject to a mandatory refusal.

They will, therefore, never be able to obtain ILR on this route. The suitability criteria under Appendix FM make refusal mandatory where the custodial sentence is four years or above. Those with sentences between 12 months and four years can meet the suitability criteria after 15 years have passed.

Where the Applicant has received a custodial sentence of fewer than 12 months, they will have to reside in the UK for five years based on family or private Life after the end of the sentence and have a continuous qualifying period of 10 years on this basis.

There are also additional suitability issues that will lead to mandatory refusal:

  • Involvement in a sham marriage or civil partnership
  • Use of false documents or information or deception
  • Litigation debt owed to the Home Office, unless the debt has been paid

Debt to the NHS, unless the debt has been Immigration paid or the total value of outstanding charges is under £500

If any of the above apply, the Applicant will have to reside in the UK. For a continuous five-year period on the basis of family or private Life after the suitability ground. It has come to the Home Office’s attention and have a continuous qualifying period of 10 years on this basis.

A person who has entered the UK illegally must be refused Settlement. Unless they have completed a qualifying period of 10 years on the basis of family or private Life. If they are a child or young adult granted on the basis of paragraph 3.1. or 4.1. of Appendix Private Life. Which has different requirements as to continuous residence.

Eligibility for Settlement on the 10-Year Family Life Route

An applicant for ILR on the basis of a qualifying ten-year period as a partner or parent, or on a combination of these routes, can combine time spent on the following routes towards the ten-year qualifying period:

  • Entry clearance or permission as a partner, parent, or child under Appendix FM;
  • Permission on the private life route prior to 20 June 2022;

Permission outside the Rules as a partner, parent, or child or on the basis of private Life pursuant to Article 8 ECHR

This is a welcome change, as it gives greater flexibility than in the past to combine time spent on different routes.

It is also possible to count time on any other route that leads to Settlement, provided that the Applicant did not enter the UK illegally and has had permission under Appendix FM as a partner or parent for at least one year.

10-Year Family Life Route Continuous Residence Requirement

A new requirement for ‘continuous residence’ in accordance Immigration  with Appendix Continuous Residence applies. Absences prior to 20 June 2022, when these Rules came into force, won’t be counted if the Applicant was granted permission after the absences.

The Applicant must ensure that they are not absent from the UK. For more than 180 days in any consecutive 12-month period. There are exceptions, which include absences for work, study, or supporting family overseas. So long as the family has maintained a family living in the UK. The UK remained their place of permanent residence throughout the period of absence.

Continuous residence is also broken by other issues, such as being sentenced to a period of imprisonment.

It is the first time that absence limits have been applicable to family life routes.

English Language Requirement for Family Life Settlement

The Applicant must meet the Immigration  English language requirement showing ability in speaking and listening to level B1. This must be evidenced as specified in a new Appendix English Language. This allows applicants to rely on qualifications lower than degree level, as it can be met through a qualification in GCSE or A-Level English. It can also be met through a specified English language test or if the person is a national of a majority English-speaking country.

Knowledge of Life in the UK

The Life in the UK test requirement must be met, as set out in Appendix KOL UK.

The decision, Period, and Conditions of the Grant Immigration.

If all of the suitability and eligibility requirements based on a qualifying. The period of 10 years are met, then the Applicant will be granted Settlement.

If they are not met, but the Applicant is able to meet the requirements for permission to stay under Appendix FM. The application will be varied to permission to stay on that route. No additional fee will be required, but the settlement fee (which is higher than the applicable fee for permission to stay). They will not be refunded, and the Applicant may be required to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge.

If that is requested and not paid, or a fee waiver for it is not requested and granted, the application. For leave to remain will be rejected as invalid. The application fee will not be refunded. The period granted and attached conditions will be in accordance with the provisions for the relevant application in Appendix FM.

The application will be refused if the decision-maker is not satisfied. The Applicant meets all the suitability and eligibility requirements for Settlement on this route.

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