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Rakesh Rajdev: A Man With a Mission to Help Others

Mr. Rakesh Rajdev belongs to Rajkot, Gujrat, and is a renowned entrepreneur of this state. He is a well known owner of a hotel- Roma Kristo in Dwarka. The elite class hotel comes right here and also thrills their hearts with the so tempting as well mouthwatering meals.

Rakesh Rajdev’s Endeavouring Progression for His Community in Unbelievable Ways. When you consider politeness for a country, Mr. Rakesh Rajdev’s name comes first. He is a kind-hearted business owner.

If I’m not incorrect you must have been interested to find out about him. Well! Take a peeks on of his life long journey till now

Being a Noble heart, he always thought about the lower class, that actually were leading their lives under the poverty line in his society.

Mr Rakesh Rajdev’s contributions for Covid relief

During that time Rakesh Rajdev took a stand for them. He made an effort with a social organisation, Kanuda Mitra Mandal to help them.

He is a respected member of the Kanuda Mitra Mandal social organisation.  Mr Rakesh Rajdev is known for his extraordinary efforts towards the betterment of society. He has earned great popularity for influencing his organisation to lend a helping hand even during the pandemic. He is a man with a golden heart.

A brief introduction regarding Mr. Rakesh Rajdev

You will certainly hear that hereditary qualities transfer from generation to generation. The exact same is the case with Rakesh Rajdev. He has actually got a kind heart like his father-Late Partapbhai Rajdev.  He strongly believes in the saying by

Theodore Roosevelt ‘Keep your eyes on the stars, and feet on the ground.’

He helps people on each and every celebration or important days of his life. Mr Rakesh Rajdev believes that when you can help someone in need you can also celebrate your big day. Even though Celebrating the death anniversary of the Late Pratapbhai Rajdev, the father of Mr Rakesh Rajdev in a way that would help the ones in need. By helping the ones in need, you make your big day more memorable and happier. Make your big day worth remembering with the blessings of those whom you have helped in times of great need. 

Rakesh Rajdev made sure that all types of help are provided to the ones in dire need. Mr Rakesh Rajdev invites all to participate in the blood donation camp organised in honour of Late Pratapbhai Rajdev. 

Rakesh Rajdev is a believer of giving and not expecting

 He has ambitions and dedication to reach the highest heights but at the same time never forgets that no matter how high he might reach he is always going to find his legs resting on the ground beneath. Let us go through the journey of Mr. Rakesh Rajdev and get to see the true example of the above saying. Mr. Rakesh Rajdev has helped a lot of needy people by distributing school bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, books, pens and pencils, drawing books, colours to all the students 

To deal with the unfavourable circumstance of poverty in India, Rakesh Rajdev has actually shown himself as a dedicated and committed man to help them. You will certainly hear that he was praised for the kind acts that he has actually done during the coronavirus pandemic. Currently you will value his contributions to the well-being of society, which was feasible by Kanuda Mitra Mandal.

Contributions to society:

The belief in caring culture has been very well highlighted by Mr Rakesh Rajdev. He has never failed to shower love and care towards society. He, along with the Kanuda Mitra Mandal, distributed food packets and sanitizing kits to more than 50,000 labourers, travelling to their native places from Rajkot, across 34 trains. Under the influence of Mr Rakesh Rajdev, Kanuda Mitra Mandal has also delivered selfless services in times of calamities. From shelter and food to medicine, they have worked up to their highest potential to provide all that they could. Not only humans but animals and nature have also witnessed the loving and caring nature of this great man! With the help of the organization, Mr Rakesh Rajdev has conducted several plantation and cleanliness drives. He expressed his love and care towards animals by finding shelters for stranded animals.

This social Kanuda Mitra Mandal organization has actually helped the education and learning field as well. Concerning 8000 needy students were supplied the academic sets. Not just, lunch boxes, water bottles, as well as institution bags were given to the students of class 1st to class 9th. Furthermore, the workers were likewise given the food packages as well as bags.

Join Rakesh Rajdev in his selfless venture:

Mr Rakesh Rajdev has been felicitated by “The Voice of Rajkot”, “Shri Karuna Foundation Trust- Animal Helpline” and many other organizations for his noble deeds. His involvement in the Kanuda Mitra Mandal has been highly praiseworthy. With the impression of him, hundreds of people have joined and associated with the Kanuda Mitra Mandal. His firm belief in the caring culture and extravagant services have drawn self-awareness among the local people to care for and help the deprived ones.

Reach out to him anytime and he will be of help to you in ways possible.
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