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QR Codes for Hotels: 7 Modes to Leverage Them to Improve Guests’ Experience

Have you ever seen little scannable, black and white checkered squares around at hotels and restaurants? Well, originated back in 1994 by an automobile company, QR codes began popping up ubiquitously. 

Due to the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, where being contactless has become a new trend, the hospitality industry is also adapting to the change to offer contact-free services and streamline workflows.

QR Codes for Hotels offer seemingly endless opportunities that go far off from simply optimizing your operations. It’s a more cost-effective means than other technologies but proffers an equally fulfilling experience. However, it is necessary to utilize a reliable QR code generator (генератор QR кодов) for code creation so that its purpose is served and users do not confront any trouble while scanning the code.

Seven Ways To Leverage QR Codes To Improve Guests’ Experience In Hotels

  • Made Check-ins Easy 

The contact-free check-ins have become the need of the hour, as it helps maintain social distancing while improving the staff efficiency at the premises.  

QR codes can help you do so. You can present a QR code to your guest that includes a link to the online check-in page or a download page for your hotel app, which they can utilize for the check-in purpose. However, make sure to keep the landing page user-friendly and include only a couple of important questions for quick and hassle-free check-ins. 

It takes a few seconds to scan a QR code; Thereby, the long waiting time at reception can be reduced, and the customer experience can be enhanced to a great extent. 

  • Digitize Menu for Food Ordering

Disinfecting or disposing of the menu after every use has become necessary after the Covid outbreak. Hence, hotels should adopt the digital format to save on cost and wastage. They should upgrade their technology by using QR codes for food orders, restaurant reservations, and other additional requests. 

You can place a QR code in the hotel room catalog that redirects customers to your digital menu. Guests can explore and order their favorite dishes directly through the digital menu.

It is suggested to create dynamic QR Codes as it helps hotel administrators to edit/ upgrade menu information regularly and not stumble upon old data.

  • Events & Activity Promotion

Many hotels organize events, games, and other interactive activities for guests so that they can enjoy their stay to the fullest.

Make it simple for your guests to have an overview of the upcoming events on the hotel premises. Incorporate a QR code into brochures and posters to promote activities. A quick scan with their smartphone will give folks immediate access to detailed information, such as event description, date, time and location, registration cost (if any), and contact details for further inquiry.

As mentioned earlier, always prefer dynamic codes to change the event and its details, instead of creating new QR codes every time for new events.

  • Gather Feedback Through QR Codes To Enhance Customer Experience 

Collecting guests’ feedback can help you improve your services and deliver the best the next time. But, what’s the most promising way to do so?

Providing a feedback form before guests check out is an obsolete technique. Plus, imagine piling up papers and arranging them to keep track of the feedback. Isn’t it tiresome and hectic?

Well, QR codes can make it a bit easier to acquire valuable feedback and reviews. Place it at the reception desk so that guests can submit feedback in their own time. 

Besides, this way of feedback collection is also helpful for hotel administration as they can categorize and review the suggestions in one place. 

  • Make It Easier For Customers To Access Hotel Information 

Before finalizing any property for stay, customers prefer to check its amenities and unique offerings, like the availability of a pool, kid’s play area, lawn, gym, or spa facility.

Specifying every detail on a small flyer or ad column can be challenging. So, include a QR code image on print media ads and throughout the premises that contain a link to the website where guests can view the hotel amenities. It helps them access all the information on their devices, enabling them to make a decision instantaneously.  

  • Place QR Codes To Share Contact And WiFi Details

Guests usually don’t store the hotel’s contact information on their devices. Therefore, it’s the hotel’s responsibility that their contact details are always accessible. vCard QR Codes can help save the hotel’s details on smart devices without manually typing everything.

Apart from these, many hotels have free WiFi zones for their guests so they can enjoy high-speed Internet connectivity. One can think of generating and placing QR codes in such areas to allow visitors to connect to a WiFi network just by scanning the QR codes.

  • Enabling Contact-free Payments

Facilitate contactless payment through QR code scanning by a mobile device at your hotel. 

It’s a convenient alternative for both the receptionist and guests; one just needs to use their smartphone’s camera to scan the code and proceed with the payment. The merchant gets the amount credited to their bank account. 

It’s a quick way for payment acceptance that can save overhead costs needed to purchase any third-party hardware like POS or card machine for receiving payment. It’s easy to set up, 100% secure, and an incredibly reliable solution. 


Final Thoughts

Leveraging QR codes for hotels surely heighten your customer experience. 

In the last couple of years, this cost-effective technology has gained tremendous popularity because of being easy to use and contactless. It’s affordable, trackable, editable, and can be used for retargeting.

Now that you know some more engaging ways to use QR codes for hotels, it’s time to create a QR code (QR код создать). And for its creation, it is suggested to use a reliable generator tool having several necessary features along with a customization option, like different colors, patterns, and backgrounds. 

So, what’s better? Utilize QR codes for Hotels to streamline several operations and make your guests feel delighted. 

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