Puzzles for children: a valuable aid to improve memory

Puzzles for children represent a very precious resource for the little one, because they can help him in the most important phase of his growth: cognitive development .

Fun and instructive, puzzles for children rightfully enter the list of the best games for children, especially because of the many benefits they provide to the little one. In fact, there are several scientific researches that testify to the following: playing puzzles helps the child to develop their cognitive skills more effectively, and to increase skills such as concentration and memory.

In summary, just like the tiles in these games, the puzzles “fit together” perfectly in the child’s growth process!

The benefits of puzzles for children

First of all, these games are fantastic for improving the concentration of the child , for a very simple reason: they “force” him to start his brain, offering him a high level challenge and the charm of the hunt for the solution.

Children are very curious and are particularly stimulated by these pastimes, with benefits that also border on the field of school performance. The better they become with puzzles, the more they acquire fundamental study skills, such as attention to detail (observation of details) and problem solving .

From intuitive skills to logic, through memory and concentration, there are many factors that can grow with the use of puzzles. But the list is actually much longer, and it’s not just about the brain, since at this age we talk about psycho-motor growth .

Not surprisingly, playing with the tiles will help the little one to become more familiar with his own hands, with great advantages also in terms of coordination and analysis of the space that surrounds him. Finally, the skill in assembling the puzzles will also give the child an incentive. To learn to put in order the things he uses!

Let’s go back once again to the benefits that the first puzzles for children. Guarantee to the cognitive development of the little one. Faced with a puzzle, the child will try to find a solution by activating logical reasoning : therefore he will practice and later he will be able to apply this ability also to everyday problems, from homework to the first important decisions to be made.

In summary, we are talking about a fundamental stage for the growth process of any individual.

The other advantages of puzzles

Children, like adults, need a purpose to follow and to achieve, so puzzles are excellent precisely. Because they give a very specific goal (i.e. the composition of the image printed on the cover). Of course we are face with a really fun game, as well as stimulating. That the child can enjoy alone or in the company of family or friends. Consequently, puzzles also take on a so-called “social” role.

Finally, these best multiplayer games teach other precious skills such as patience. And in fact they are a godsend to entertain hyperactive or particularly lively children.

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What is the right age to play puzzles?

Experts recommend that children approach puzzles from the age of 12 months.  But it clearly depends on the type of game and the child’s abilities. To give an example, the child should at least be able to use the so-called “pliers”. Because otherwise the game could become frustrating for him and make him nervous. In general, however, you can find puzzles suitable for all ages , starting from a minimum of 12-18 months.

Some components will also change based on age. Usually products for 1-2 year olds are prepare of wood and have large tiles, which makes them easier to grip. As we age, the puzzles become a little more complicated.  With a higher number of pieces and slightly more complex and complex images to assemble.

Furthermore, in certain models we find some extras such as sounds, excellent. For stimulating the little one and to allow him to find the solution based also on auditory stimuli.

My favorite puzzles for children

Just take a stroll online to find a myriad of different puzzles. But there are some models that I personally think are superior. Both as fun and as an efficacy in terms of the child’s cognitive development!

I’m talking to you, for example, about the puzzle mat , which allows the child to compose the alphabet by joining together the letters in the correct order, along with the numbers. Furthermore, being non-slip, the carpet tiles can be left on the floor. Avoiding ending up with your butt on the ground.

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