Pressure Treated Lumber Retention Ratings in the Fencing Industry

Pressure treated Lumber southern yellow pine is one of the most popular woods used in fence building. It has a long life span, it’s readily available and inexpensive but you have to be careful when installing them because if they aren’t installed properly or pressure-treated with Alkaline Copper Quaternary chemicals then their lifespan will decrease significantly.

Most untreated wood would rot within two months at best so keep this in mind next time!

As you develop your outdoor project; it’s important that the right type of retention level is selected for what will be built. Lumber used outside has different requirements than inside; marine-grade lumber holds up better in saltwater or brackish water where ground contact products like 2x4s can make them unavailable to use because they’ll rot before long if not stored properly on site (which isn’t always possible). The higher grade typically required by builders working with wood indoors demands much stronger resistance against moisture diffusion – about .40 pounds per square foot versus just over half this (.25 psi) amount needed during Earthly projects involving exterior buildings made mostly from low-quality hardwoods.

The difference in the retention levels of a fence post can make or break your landscape architecture.

The choice between 4×4 posts and low-cost landscaping materials may seem like an easy way to save money, but it’s important that you consider what will be planted where when choosing which type suits best for your needs!

The landscape timbers are not treated to be put in the ground around constant moisture.

This will cause them to rot and become brittle, which can eventually break at any point; where there’s pressure from sunlight or other environmental factors such as high winds. To make sure you don’t face this kind of trouble with your investment, pickets/2x4s need an appropriate rating before being used outdoors (.25 retention level).

For use at ground level, this rating is the perfect solution. You may want to raise your pickets an inch off of contact with the earth.

We provide extra space between each board so they don’t suck up moisture from below; though you won’t need any more than .25″ retention for central North Carolina (NC). There’s no reason to spend time hunting down higher-retention lumber when what was needed has already been provided!

The EPA mandates all marine grade lumber; or boards that have a retention level of 2.5 and are used in salt water environments.

They can get you into trouble if not properly cared for. The chemicals these types of materials contain may cause pollution problems near sources where humans drink their own tap-water!

Do you need Marine Grade Lumber for your upcoming project? If so, Bayou City Lumber is the place to go! We have a wide selection of marine grade lumber that will fit your needs. Our team has been in business since 1994. When you come into our store, our helpful staff will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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