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Popular Kitchen Designs

Designing a Kitchen

Functional, practical and aesthetic, the kitchen has been, for several years now, a living space, a place of sharing that we invest both in family on a daily basis, as with friends to share a convivial moment.

Designing a kitchen with a holistic interior design is an exhilarating project. Between the first desires that come to you while leafing through magazines of interior design trends. The preparation of the first meal in your kitchen. A kitchen that is impractical, poorly studied. or you will quickly tire of choices that are ill-suited to your lifestyle.

Before imagining your dream kitchen layout, it is therefore essential that you get a pretty good idea of ​​what you really want to do with it. Will your fitted kitchen be a purely functional space or a real living space?

In the layout of a kitchen, 3 pillar zones stand out to constitute the activity triangle. The cooking zone or hot zone (with the plates and the oven), the storage zone (refrigerator and storage) and the zone washing facilities (sink, dishwasher, garbage cans, etc.). To successfully design a kitchen, you must apply the activity triangle right from the design of your plan. It optimizes space, simplifies and secures your travels.

The open kitchen, called “American”, has been a resounding success for several years (around 70% of projects).  Feeling of space, more light, friendliness. But beware, the advantages of “sharing” can also quickly become annoying for the rest of the family.

Smells that permeate the whole house, noises of dish preparation, cooking or appliances … hence the importance. Systematically install a functional hood with a good suction surface, a good extraction rate and above all a hood connected to the outside.

To choose silent household appliances (dishwasher, hood, refrigerator). It couldn’t be easier to choose: the noise level emitted by these devices in dB (A) is indicated on the documentation as well as their level of energy consumption (energy label).

The kitchen and the central island

An original and user-friendly plan, but the downside of this layout is that it requires a lot of space. It cannot be in less than 15m². Do not forget either that the installation, in the center of the room, of a sink or an electrical appliance requires bringing by the ground, the water and electricity networks. 

The “L” -shaped kitchen, a great classic

Intended for medium-sized kitchens (less than 10 m²), the furniture arrangement on two walls frees up a central space for circulation and possibly meals.

The U-shaped kitchen

Everything is close at hand. The cooking – sink – refrigerator activity triangle is optimized. And for large kitchens (over 15 m²), the central island will complete your workspace, storage and can serve as a dining table. In this case, provide higher stools.

Online cooking

This arrangement is often imposed by the configuration of the house and the limited space. 

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