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Points to Consider Before Hiring a New HVAC contractor

If you are considering hiring an HVAC contractor to come in and install or repair your air conditioner, there are some things that you need to know before making the decision. It is important for homeowners with HVAC systems to be aware of all their options when it comes time for repairs or installation because not every HVAC company will provide the same level of service.

Servicing your HVAC system is something that you should do once each year. You can appoint a new contractor to fix your system at the hottest hour of the season. While it may seem like an inconvenience to have someone coming into your home when it’s already so hot, there are actually some important things that you need to consider before you hire an HVAC contractor.

Here at HVAC Systems Company, we want our customers to get the best experience possible so we put together this list of 10 things that you should know before contacting an HVAC contractor!

  • Make sure your HVAC system is working properly and efficiently before having it checked by an HVAC technician. If there is something wrong with your HVAC, this will cost extra money for the mechanics to fix.
  • Make sure you ask about the HVAC warranty before hiring your contractors for a service call. Some HVAC services come with warranties, which protect the consumer from having their HVAC system break down within a certain time frame after being serviced or repaired by that HVAC contractor. If your heating/cooling system breaks down within the warranty time frame, it may cost extra money to have your system repaired.
  • Make sure that you are able to ask any questions or address concerns with the HVAC contractor before they leave.
  • Only hire a professional contractor who comes in person for a service call. Using an HVAC technician who uses remote equipment to diagnose your system can cost more money in the long run.
  • Make sure that you are able to speak with the contractor before hiring them for a service call. Some contractors have multiple customers and will not be able to spend as much time at each customer’s HVAC system.
  • Verify the contractor’s identity before letting them work on your HVAC system. You may think that you are calling a reputable HVAC contractor, but they could actually be scammers who will do shoddy work and then disappear without doing any service at all. Make sure the HVAC contractor has a valid license and references from previous customers.
  • Make sure that you understand everything about the HVAC service before hiring them for a service call. Some contractors will try to sell their work as something more than it actually is, which can end up costing you extra money in the end.
  • Make sure that you get everything in writing before hiring contractors for a service call, even if they claim to be reputable and honest. Some contractors will actually change the terms later on and try to make more money than they originally said they would charge.
  • Make sure you know what exactly they will be doing when it comes to your AC installation or repair, so that you can verify the qualifications needed for the work in advance. The NATE certification is a good place to look because it ensures industry standards are met by technicians.
  • HVAC contractors should have a valid license and insurance. Hiring uninsured or underinsured HVAC workers can cause you to spend more in the long run if they make a mistake, damage your property, or injure someone.


When it comes to your home comfort, you know that there is nothing worse than having an unreliable air conditioning system in Houston, Texas. As summer approaches once again, you are considering replacing your HVAC unit with something more energy efficient. If you want to hire the best professional for your next project, then be sure to follow the guidelines mentioned in this article. You can find out about what makes an HVAC contractor the best.

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