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OneTouch EMR Role In Healthcare IT Practices

Why Your Medical Practice Needs an EHR Software 

If you are running a medical practice. Wondering why you would need an EHR system? Or, simply how one could actually help you; then you should read this piece. With running a medical EHR practice, you probably have a lot of things on your plate which can at times get overwhelming. 

However, with EHR software you have access to a lot of features that essentially help you in better managing your practice. From helping you with scheduling to reducing the time it takes for you to get reimbursed by insurance companies; this software can do it all. In this piece, we will be discussing OneTouch EMR, in particular, to help you figure out whether or not this software would be the right fit for you. 

OneTouch EMR Features 


One of the best features that you get to experience with OneTouch EMR is the fact that the software is cloud-based. Because of this, the software can be used from anywhere in the world and you do not have to be restricted to a certain physical location in order to use it. With a cloud-based EHR, you can look at patient files, schedule appointments, and communicate with patients on the go; it makes managing your practice much easier than it ever was before. 

These days having a cloud-based EHR is a must because of the fact that we have mobile devices that are compatible with this feature and it only makes sense to have a cloud-based EHR which can be used anywhere on any kind of device. 

Lab Integration

With a lab integration feature in OneTouch EMR, you can order test results for patients and view them directly on the software. This helps you cut down the time with making a diagnosis. You can get test results directly on your software. And, do not have to wait for patients to collect the results and bring them to you. Having a lab integration feature helps you keep all patient documents in one cohesive space. So, that there are no issues with losing any paperwork and helps you speed up processes as well. All in all, the lab integration feature helps you out quite a bit. 

Claims Scrubbing

The claims scrubbing feature in OneTouch EMR helps you to get your insurance claims reimbursed much quicker. The software comes with relevant ICD codes fed into it. This helps you to fill out insurance claims much more easily. This also reduces the chances of errors you might have otherwise made. With claims scrubbing, your claims are filed faster. And, also with fewer errors so that there is a reduced chance for them to be rejected. Hence your claims are accepted faster which means you are also reimbursed faster! 

OneTouch EMR Pricing and Reviews 

In terms of pricing, OneTouch pricing is slightly higher compared to some other EHR software. The software costs $199 a month per user. The price only goes up with the number of users per practice. So if there are 5 users at practice your bill for the month would be around $995 dollars! 

As for OneTouch EMR reviews, they are mostly positive with an average of 4 stars. Most users appreciate the software. In fact, all of them largely agree about the fact that the software is worth the cost. 

OneTouch EMR; Should you Invest?

If you are wondering whether or not OneTouch EMR is a good option for you we can help you find a conclusion for this answer. The first thing we advise you to do is read as many OneTouch EMR reviews online as you can individually so you know what users are saying about this software. 

The next thing you should do is make a list of all the features you would ideally want in an EHR software and then compare it to the list of features in OneTouch EMR to see whether or not most or all of your features that you would ideally want in a Top EHR software are present in this software or not. 

And finally, we recommend asking the vendor for a OneTouch EMR to see whether or not this software would be relevant to you because seeing the demo and being able to witness the features in action will help you come to a better decision about the software rather than just reading about the features and guessing what they are like.

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