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As you travel across the country through New York Car Shipping. You need to think about how you are going to get your family and all your belongings to your new home. One thing that may not come to your mind initially is the movement of your vehicles. While you can drive your car, tow it with a trailer, or even sell and buy a new one after the move, each of these options presents unique challenges.


Driving your own vehicle can be difficult, especially if you have more than one in your home. Do you have two or three experienced drivers in your group? And can each of them afford to take a few days off to drive safely? Remember to include the cost of gas, accommodation, and meals along the way. For example, a trip across the country of 3,000 miles would require about nine bottles of gas, three or four nights in a hotel, and maybe a dozen meals. This can quickly reach $ 1000. Remember that you will also need a driver or two for the moving truck if you care about your own traffic.

And while towing your own car seems simple, you can damage it if you don’t have the necessary equipment and knowledge.

Finally, you can sell your car and buy a new one when you arrive at your destination. But most likely you would prefer to keep the car for yourself. In addition, selling and buying a car in a hurry is not at the best prices. Add extra time and hassle to the buying and selling process and this option may not make sense.

Car delivery relieves the stress of getting the car to its destination and gives you confidence that it will arrive safe and sound. This is especially useful when traveling long distances.

Benefits of transporting vehicles over rough terrain

There are a number of benefits to New York Car Shipping a vehicle instead of driving or towing it yourself, including:

Valuable time savings

Comfort and trouble-free

Less vehicle wear

Door-to-door delivery is available at most locations.

Ability to send multiple vehicles if needed

Things to consider when shipping your vehicle nationwide

Details of your vehicle

You will need to know the year, make and model of your vehicle in order to get a suitable quote in New York Car Shipping. If you drive a small or compact car or motorcycle, the cost may be lower. For larger or heavier vehicles, modified cars or SUVs, the price may vary as they will require special equipment and additional measures to ensure complete protection.

Open Shipping vs Firm

You may need to choose between an open or closed trailer. With an open trailer, your vehicle will be loaded with others. Similar to what you see on the road, where several cars are stacked and pulled behind a large truck. With this option, your car is exposed to the elements and road debris.

Alternatively, enclosed trailers (both soft and hard sides) are completely covered, providing additional protection from the elements, dirt, dust and road debris. No matter the distance, if you own a high-end vehicle. A low-rise sports car, or an exotic classic car.

Timeline and Locations

The distance between your destinations as well as the type of areas where the vehicle is picked up and delivered will have an impact on your quote. Rural to rural, big city to rural, big city to big city, etc. all have different costs.

Depending on road conditions, traffic and weather, even shorter distances take a few days or more. Another factor that influences the schedule is the number of vehicles in the truck and their destination. For example, nine cars and nine different locations equal multiple stops. Nine cars crashed in four locations means fewer stops.


Read the small print when it comes to insurance coverage. The truck may have an accident during transport. Which is rare, but can happen. Check out the comprehensive guide to delivering a car across the country to learn even more about best practices and delivery solutions available.

Choose the best company for cross-country car transport

The most important decision you will make when delivering your vehicle is choosing the right company. Ship Your Car Safely provides long-distance transportation solutions for vehicle owners across the car shipping in New York and United States. We only work with authorized and safe carriers to provide our customers with the protection and peace of mind they deserve. Get an instant offer at . We can’t wait to work with you!

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