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Must Have SEO Tools For Beginners and Small Business

In the recent past, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become more important than ever before. New trends such as increased use of voice search and revolution with machine learning imply that if a business wants to stay alive today, it must improve its SEO game. A great way to do this is with the help of SEO tools.

Speaking of The Best SEO Tools, There are Three Distinct Leaders:

  • Moz
  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs.

Although all of them have their specific value proposition, there are considerable overlaps among them. In this article, we will be breaking down SEMRush Vs. Ahrefs Vs. Mozindividually in detail to enable you to understand the one essential for your business.

Defining SEO Tools

SEO tools offer data and alerts regarding all-around health as well as the success of a website. They assist in uncovering the opportunity areas while identifying any weakness or issue that could be deterring you from high ranking or gaining visibility in the search results.


SEMRush has a free version that offers you 10 requests daily. This free version is more than enough in case you do some light work. With the growth of your business and increasing demands, you are going to require more than that.

This is an outstanding keyword research tool that, along with other benefits, makes it simple to look at what keywords a particular page on the Internet has been ranking for.SEMRush gives in-detail information about such keywords and their position in the search results, URLs they drive traffic to, or the traffic trends in the last 12 months.

SEMrush also explained a detailed overview of what backlinks are.


One thing that is unique about Moz is their blog. There is probably no single resource to learn SEO. If you think you need to hone your skills, make sure to give it a read.MozBar is an SEO toolbar working with the Google Chrome browser. You can easily access advanced metrics on pages or SERPs.

With the help of MozBar, it is possible to easily access Page or Domain Authority scores of your page or site. Very clearly, you are going to have a good amount of data at your fingertips. Type in a domain, and you can see a detailed SEO profile on it.


Finally, let’s talk about Ahrefs. One primary drawback of this tool compared to SEMRush or Moz is that they offer nothing for free except their toolbar. That might sound great, but you are going to spend $7 for just a seven-day trial.

Like the other tools, they also provide a keyword explorer, site explorer, rank tracker, and other similar tools. Ahrefs can take all of the crucial information and put it onto your screen. It is not necessary to wander all across the platform to find the main information.

It is possible to see backlinks, traffic levels, keywords, and many more immediately without any delay. Everything you require, from checking anchor text to competing domains, can be accessed on a sidebar. Ahrefs boasts of the largest backlink index in the world (total 15 trillion). This enables their site explorer tool to stand out importantly.

Beginning with SEO could have never been easier than it is today. Several Top SEO Tool options like those we have listed above are accessible to SEO beginners and digital marketing companies working on a small budget. These tools give a ton of amazing features, which, when utilized properly, will produce extraordinary results. Find the right tools for your needs now to make the best out of your business.

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