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Most Popular Blockchains Of 2022-Unleash Your Next Move Today!

With the growing popularity of digital assets, blockchain is also becoming a crucial part of the backbone of technology. Blockchain provides a secure, transparent, user-friendly interface and hassle-free application development. All these benefits make blockchain famous and well known. Now that most investors have finally realized the value of blockchain, they have turned towards cryptocurrency. But before investing, you need to get more familiar with the top most popular blockchains, where the true potential of this ledger exists. If treated right, you can net millions for your enterprises, supply chains, and industries. Now that many blockchain-based cryptocurrencies are available, every forum is different from another.

Here we are discussing the best and in-demand blockchain frameworks of 2022:




Who must not have heard about it? Ethereum blockchain was rallied for the first time in 2011 and launched in 2013. The open-source platform is already dominating the market. On this platform an individual is allowed to create smart contracts, make transactions, buy or sell digital currencies. It is basically a public platform referred to as a permissionless blockchain platform. However, it is designed for restricted access v/s mass consumption. It is based on Proof of Work, making the platform a little slow. The gigantic online support community helps users solve their problems and get updates. Most certified blockchain developers use Ethereum because of its use in multiple fields.




EOSIO is a highly performant open-source blockchain platform. The main aim of the platform is to allow users to build Decentralized applications called dApps. In addition to that, it also offers decentralized storage systems with the advantage of smart contracts and solving scalability with Ethereum. The multi-threading and delegated proof-of-stake algorithms make it more appealing. EOS forum is a dedicated community forum where investors can discuss their problems based on the blockchain framework. No user has to pay a single penny to use this blockchain-based platform. EOS mainly focuses on cross-industry fields and offers full-featured authentication. People choose this platform over others because of its cost-saving facility.




It is a “Proof of Stake” cryptocurrency based on the Infinity Economics Blockchain. This Infinity Economics blockchain uses SHA256 hashing algorithms and Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) for security and performance. The CPC token transfers are simple, inexpensive, and fast, which takes its place in the top most popular blockchains. The platform uses the best infrastructure and data security practices under Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS). This protects the blockchain from any adversary nodes or failure. CPCoin secure and transparent blockchain is widely famous at present.



R3, one of the world’s biggest financial institutions, created an open-source distributed ledger called Corda. The network has grown up to 60 companies. Other platforms using supply chain, healthcare, and trade finance are emerged, while Corda was designed with the concept of banking. In cardo, there is no cryptocurrency or built-in token. It basically is a permissioned blockchain to access data within an agreement entitled to it. The consensus system manages complex financial agreements and is known for ease of integration with legacy systems.




It is another name from the list of most popular blockchains this year. The open-source blockchain platform OpenChain is based on distributed ledger technology. It is a perfect platform for organizations willing to manage their digital assets in a scalable way. Another advantage of this platform is that it uses Partitioned Consensus. Because of this, one instance needs a single authority for validation and authentication for transactions.  This improves efficiency and makes the platform faster. The main focus of the platform is digital asset management. Many big organizations are using OpenChain technology.




The platform saw the limelight in 2012. It is one of the best scalable and fast blockchain platform in 2022. The forum focuses on transparent global transactions with the use of blockchain property. Ripple allows international payments by using digital assets called XRP. The main focus is the financial service area. The probabilistic Voting algorithm of this forum minimizes liquidity cost and helps make transactions on multiple networks.



Certified blockchain developers usually use these platforms to transact in the crypto world. As blockchain technology growing and evolving day by day, you need to step further towards the best platform. The blockchain world is emerging with new platforms, additional new features, and releases, potential investors are eager to get ahead. Meanwhile, new challenges with a lack of standards and interoperability issues can come in the way. 2022 is all about going through these prospects while researching interchain transactions and communications.

Like any other exciting new technology development, organizations don’t want 1,500+ different platforms. Hence, we have quickly found a handful of real players where investors can focus and lead their transactions. In the upcoming days, we will see major collaborations between these leading blockchains, given the market push and pulls. So stay connected with articlesfit to read more articles related to crypto world.

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