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Modern farming in India – New Agriculture Technologies

Innovations are the most vital in modern age farming than ever before. Due to the rising cost of supply, changes in consumers’ preferences and shortage of labour, the whole farming sector facing so many challenges. So there is a high need for solutions for several challenges in the agriculture sector. Agriculture technologies have seen a massive growth of investment in the last 5 to 10 years. Following are some technologies in which a vast amount is invested.

  • Automation and robotics
  • Livestock technology
  • Indoor vertical farming
  • Modern greenhouse practices
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Precision agriculture, etc.

Let’s know about them one by one. 

New Agriculture Technologies

We have listed new agriculture technologies above. Let’s know about them in short so that you can understand the value of these technologies. 

Indoor Vertical Farming

Indoor vertical farming can grow your crop yields, reduce the impact on the environment of the farming as it can minimise the distance of the supply chain. You can define indoor vertical farming as a practice of growing crops in a closed and controlled environment by using the growing shelves. You have to mount shelves vertically so the land space for growing the plants can be minimised compared to traditional farming methods. Due to the lack of farming land, farmers practice this type of farming in cities or urban places. Vertical farming is the best option for the farmers as they sometimes don’t need soil to grow crops. Many of these plants are hydroponic, where we can grow vegetables in an aeroponic or nutrient-dense bowl of water. The plant roots are sprayed systematically with water and nutrients. In case of lieu of sunshine, we can use artificial lights. 

Farm Automation

Farm automation drives the chain of highly efficient automobiles to make farms more efficient and productive and automates the livestock or crop production cycle. A huge number of companies are working on innovations to develop drones, tractors, harvesters, automatic watering equipements and seeding robots. In the old-time when farmers plough the field with the help of Oxes, the farming was very tough and time taking. After some time, technology came with tractors easily to do all the farming work. Technology regularly modified tractors, and this is the reason we have several highly advanced tractor models like Massey Ferguson 1035 DI tractor and others. Nowadays, all the traditional farming companies are going with automation technologies. 

Livestock Farming Technology

The traditional way of livestock farming was very questionable due to the high demand and lack of production. However, livestock farming can give you several renewable natural resources, which can be the best option for us today and in future. Poultry farms, cattle ranches, dairy farms, or other livestock-related agribusinesses are the traditional names of livestock farming. In this business, the manager should be ownest for his work. He has to keep a record of proper feeding of animals, supervise workers, accurate financial investments, etc. So, it proved recently that the new inventions make livestock farming work easy. You can keep all records of the animals and can also track them from your house.

To maintain it, you have to get help from some automobiles like implements, tractors, trailers, etc. But you have to choose your machines as efficient as the New Holland 3600 tractor is. So, it can be a vital decision for your capital investment.

Modern Greenhouses

In recent past 10 years, you can see the greenhouse industry has been transforming on a small scale for research and aesthetic purposes. But, on the next hand, you can see them on a big scale for food production. The global market of greenhouse produces nearly 350 billion US dollar vegetables annually. 

Precision Agriculture

Farming is undergoing an evolution – technology is growing as an essential part of commercial farming. Nowadays, new precision agriculture companies are growing the technology that allows the farmers to maximise their farm productivity. Technology can control all the farming needs like moisture levels, soil conditions, pest stress and micro-climates. Precision agriculture can also minimise the cost of farming and increase productivity by providing more accurate farming techniques. You can also minimise the management costs with this technology. 


Blockchain is an essential part of farming. So, it can be challenging to track all the aspects of the blockchain, and it also can be costly without any technology. That’s why this technology can give you all the access to your blockchain. It can also solve food fraud, supply chain inefficiency, safety recalls and food traceability in the food system. It can also use to practice premium products with transparency. 

Artificial Intelligence

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a great invention for every field, including farming, transport and others. It works with remote sensors, satellites, and UAVs to gather information 24 hours per day over all the projects. For example, it can notify you of plant health, temperature, soil condition, humidity, etc., in farming fields. So, you can get the information and do all the necessary tasks for better production. 

Hope you will like it. For more details, stay tuned with us. Here we can provide more exciting information regarding farms and productivity.

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