Mobile Windshield Replacement Deductible: How to Get it Waived?

Has your car been in an accident resulting in windshield damage? Or maybe there was an attempt to break in your car damaging the windshield? If that’s the case, you might be looking for mobile windshield replacement services.

However, most car owners tend to fix the windshield damage on their own. Why is this the case? The main reason behind homeowners avoiding windshield replacement is the deductible price they need to pay.

An insurance policy will cover most windshield replacement services. However, there will be a deductible amount that you need to pay. Sometimes car windshield replacement companies will waive the deductible amount. But what is this deductible? And under what circumstances will this be ignored? Should you trust such an offer from windshield replacement companies?

In this article, we will try to answer these questions for you.

Deductible: What does it mean during mobile windshield replacement?

Although the insurance company will cover all major expenses, there is a smaller cost called deductible that the car owner needs to pay from their own pocket. For example, if your overall windshield replacement service costs $5000, the deductible amount will be $500.

Owners must pay this deductible amount to settle the bill. The car owner pays $500, and the insurance company pays $4,500. The usual amount of the deductible ranges between $100 to $2000. Therefore, if you see an offer saying that the deductible amount will be waived, it will seem highly attractive.

Now, most car owners think that such an offer is just a trick by businesses to charge more money. However, this might not be the case every time. Waiving the deductible is a legitimate practice. And reputed companies will offer this with a good intention during windshield replacement services.

When Waiving Mobile Windshield Replacement Deductibles is Legit?

Here are three situations where waiving the windshield replacement deductible is completely legit.

Collision Insurance Coverage

If your car has been hit by another driver that results in breaking your car windshield, s/he is liable to pay the expenses including the deductible amount. The mobile windshield glass repair and replacement expenses will be covered by the standard collision insurance coverage policy of the other driver. This will include the deductibles.

In such a situation, the other driver can choose a company that offers to waive the deductible.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

If you have comprehensive coverage, there are high chances to get windshield replacement coverage. This type of coverage includes windshield damage due to break-ins, natural disasters, vandalism, hail damage, falling damage, and more. This coverage also includes the deductibles. And if your policy permits, comprehensive insurance can completely waive the deductibles.

Zero-Deductible States

Apart from insurance coverage and policies that can waive the deductible, some states have a zero-deductible policy. Currently, three states provide this coverage, which waives deductibles for windshield replacement and repair services. These three states are Florida, Massachusetts, and South Carolina.

Misconceptions about Waiving Windshield Replacement Deductibles

Although waiving windshield replacement deductibles is completely legit, sometimes people think of it as illegal. Some car owners think that waiving deductibles means the repair company is deliberately inflating the costs.

However, this is not always the case! Sure, you need to be careful of such windshield repair companies, but waiving deductibles is completely legal.

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