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Luxurious hotels in Dubai – You must visit once in a life

In Dubai is the most famous city for its luxurious hotels such as Burj Al Arab, The Harbour Hotel & Residence, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Taj Palace Hotel Dubai, Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, Radisson Royal Hotel, and so on. Each hotel in Dubai has some different specializations and uniqueness. In an international city, every luxurious hotel gives you another level of comfort and convenience.

Here is the list of some luxurious hotels in Dubai.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is one of the largest hotels in an international city. The hotel was discovered on the island of reclaimed land. The structure of the Burj Al Arab is very close to the sail of a ship. The construction of Burj Al Arab was started in 1964 and completed in 1999. It has 202 luxurious rooms. The average price of these rooms starts from AED 88,151 and goes up to more.

This hotel has many marvelous features, such as Burj Al Arab is the present third tallest hotel in the whole world, it provides 17 types of pillows, and it breaks many impressive numbers of records.

Burj Al Arab provides world-class services to every customer. This hotel includes six restaurants like Al Muntaha -The Ultimate and Al Mahara-Oyster. Many notable events and shows were held here, such as The Today Show and Tiger Woods teeing off event.

Radisson Royal Dubai

The Radisson Royal Dubai hotel has located in the United Arab Emirates. In 2005 the construction of Radisson started and finished in 2010. The hotel is very close to Dubai airport. Further, Radisson Royal Hotel has 471 rooms with ultramodern architecture. Bothe Richter Tehrani was the person who designed such ultramodern architecture. If you are searching for luxurious hotels in Dubai, the Radisson Royal Hotel is the best option you can choose. Also, Aventador car rental in Dubai is the best way to reach your luxurious destination hotel.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel

The Ritz-Carlton is not only a hotel but also an American multinational company that operates a luxury hotel known as The Ritz-Carlton. This hotel has situated along the JBR beachfront. The Ritz-Carlton provides first-class spa facilities, and it also includes outdoor swimming pools for adults and children’s to enjoy.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel has a variety of themed restaurants starting with the flavors of Asia and Arabia. It also includes the new beachfront restaurant, the Palm Grill.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel provides a variety of signature treatments and therapies of the spa. Apart from that, there are many activities has done here, especially for children, such as handicrafts, storytime, and origami workshops. The Ritz-Carlton is just 30 km away from Dubai international airport.

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