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Let Your Floor Shine: Easy Ways of Solid Wood Refinishing

Hardwood floors look extraordinary in any home. They are exceptionally tough, which is the reason they are regularly recovered from old structures and installed in another area. However, they are additionally inclined to continuous mileage. If your hardwood floor’s appearance is a long way from flawlessness, it requires solid wood refinishing and installation is not the only option.

So, what are the inexpensive ways of resurfacing hardwood floors? Refinishing hardwood floors is a way of making the material look fresh and new without putting in new flooring. Besides hiring an expert to do the work, you can attempt to revamp the hardwood by utilizing a store-bought kit, recoating it with a polyurethane solution, or applying a revitalizer. For better-resurfacing results, appropriate floor cleaning is a significant stage to make the covering stick better.

Prepare the Room for Sanding

Practically 90% of your success with a solid wood refinishing project will come down to planning, so go slowly and with the appropriate consideration all along. Start by taking off the shoe shaping – likewise called quarter-round – around the whole edge. Do this by tenderly embedding a molding bar between the floor and trim, and delicately prying it away. Try not to utilize a huge crowbar or destruction bar as these will harm the embellishment. If you don’t have a molding bar, you can take use a knife, however, it may not function too if the trim is obstinate.

Patch and Repair for Solid Wood Refinishing

Check the floor for bigger openings or breaks and fix utilizing wood filler and a spackle knife. If your floors are vigorously harmed, it is ideal to use a scoop filler, a thinner wood filler that spreads and covers huge regions. You will apply this with a big knife. However, if your floors are less harmed, utilize a wood-fix filler on individual spots. Allow the filler to dry totally. Wipe down the floor with a moist cloth to eliminate all dust and debris. Allow it to dry completely before sanding.


After you’ve prepared the room, it’s the perfect time to begin sanding. For this piece of the work, you’ll need three power apparatuses: an enormous, walk-behind sander for the fundamental space of the room, a hand-held random orbital sander for the edges, and a detail sander for the corners. It’s feasible to do the corners by hand also, however it will take essentially additional time and exertion.

Vacuum and Dry-tack

Leave the room for 10 to 15 minutes to allow the powder to settle. Put a perfect filter in the vacuum, and clear the floor utilizing a felt-lined connection. Work following the flooring strips, then, clear across them to get any powder that settled between the sheets. At last, dry-tack the floor with a microfiber fabric pushed with the grain.

Buff the Floor

Buffing the floor will eliminate small sanding imprints and give a smooth finish. Certain people lend a modern floor buffer for this progression, however a post sander, imagined, is another incredible choice. Utilizing a pole sander is something a bit time-consuming, yet in addition simpler to use a buffer and more reasonable. Utilizing a 120-grit sanding screen, buff the floor along with each board, moving to and forth with the grain.

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