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Latest Trends In Mandap Decor

Latest Trends In Mandap Decor: The ease in lockdown constraints mean you can plan for your fairy tale wedding finally. As you start the preparation, we are here to give in some wedding decor tips and tricks.

A little bit of context on the reasons behind the importance of mandap decoration –

The duration of all Indian weddings lasts for more than one day. It means that each ritual needs lots of preparation. However, among all the arrangements, the mandap decoration is the most important among these. The mandap is the place that gets photographed the most. Why? It is where the pious marriage event takes place in front of the fire that is symbolically holy.

Picture Courtesy – Shaadidukaan

Henceforth, you should not leave any stone unturned to create a dreamy, fairytale-like mandap. If you want some latest mandap decor ideas, keep reading this article. Although a mandap is a temporary wedding setup, you must plan to use drapes and chandeliers to decorate it.

Why should you invest so much money and time into something so transient?

You must because the primary wedding rituals like the saat phere happens there. On your wedding night, apart from your gorgeous lehenga design, the mandap will be the focal point. Take our advice seriously because everyone will expect to see your wedding mandap decor stand out on the said night.

A list of the white-colored latest mandap decoration ideas –

●     Try out a white floral themed mandap –

The saga of a white floral mandap style is timeless. You can either use white-colored mogra or any white-colored flowers in variable quantities to decorate the mandap. Also, if you want to flare up the look, you can place red roses alternately between the white flowers.

Placing red roses or any other contrast-colored flowers is optional.

Picture Courtesy – WedMeGood

●     Create a firm and transparent mandap with four pillars –

Do you want the most simplistic and top-notch new style for your wedding? It is called a four-pillared mandap covered with white or transparent drapes. Pair it up along with a bouquet of white or red roses placed at all the corners. Do you want something more showy and bold? Then, choose shimmery and bold drapes in either gold or silver color.

Picture Courtesy – Pinterest

●     Try a rustic white mandap with no top cover –

This mandap decor idea for weddings is specifically for those days when you know it won’t rain. Pray to Zeus when you plan to execute this mandap style. Instead of wrapping the two pillars with white curtain-like drapes, use white roses.

Also, we would suggest you hang fairy lights or bulbs along the white flower drapes to give countryside vibes.

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Top floral mandap decoration designs to make your wedding more and more enchanting –

We have all seen larger-than-life mandaps in various weddings. We have also witnessed simple, minimalist mandaps. However, our favorite is the floral mandap because the myriad hues of the flowers are a sight to gaze at and cherish. The fragrance and the freshness of the flowers are rejuvenating.

So, be prepared to be bewitched by our floral wedding mandap decor ideas.

1.   Create a pink flowers theme mandap –

There are various shades of pink. Pink is also a socially accepted color for all women. So, why shouldn’t the bride decorate her wedding mandap with pink rose or bougainvillea? It will look ethereal and very feminine at the same time.

Picture Courtesy – Pinterest

2.   Try a mandap style based on elements of nature –

There is nothing more heavenly than lush green elements of the nature around us. So, use those elements as a part of the mandap decoration. What are your options?

Firstly, you would need curtains of foliage and anything green in color.

Secondly, you would need roses of all colors.

Thirdly, you would need mini light bulbs hanging from the green vines.

Lastly, add a mini chandelier to make the mandap more flashy.

Picture Courtesy – Occasions by Shangri-La

3.   Create an autumnal wedding mandap –

Who doesn’t love cherry blossoms? We hope it is not you. Among all the flowers available to us for wedding decoration of mandap, cherry blossoms are universally approved and favored. Any mandap decorated with the shades of pink, maroon, violet, and cherry red will look spellbinding.

Picture Courtesy – ShaadiSaga

4.   Try to make a blue colored outdoor mandap –

What better way to recreate the blue sky through a blue-colored mandap when you hold an outdoor wedding? If you are hosting the wedding right by the sea, this mandap design will look even more beautiful.

You can use a combination of bluebells or irises and blue drapes to make it look more earthly.

Picture Courtesy – ShaadiSaga

5.   Create a wedding mandap with trees and mogra –

If you want a mandap setup that will take everyone’s breath away, you must choose this mandap decoration design. All you need is two trees that will be adorned with garlands made of mogra. It can get better if the trees are adorned with roses as well.

Picture Courtesy – ShaadiSaga

6.   Try making a red floral wedding mandap –

Red is the epitome of love. What better wedding mandap decor could symbolize that other than the red floral mandap? It is neither too ostentatious nor too simple. It is an amalgamation of both.

Picture Courtesy – WedAbout

Some other wedding mandap decor ideas that will leave you stunned –

●     Create a mandap based on the theme of an umbrella of chandeliers –

Chandeliers are traditionally modern. They are also regal and classic. If you want this opulent style, go for this mandap created by using a canopy of chandeliers. This might put a dent in your pocket as chandeliers are expensive. However, weddings don’t happen every day. So, you might want to consider this mandap decor idea.

Picture Courtesy – Pinterest

●     Try making a mandap with crystal pillars –

Weddings of this era are all about simplicity and minimalism. Tasteless and common mandap designs are long gone. Now that you have bid goodbye to them, you can move on towards sophisticated mandap decor ideas. This includes choosing to marry in a mandap with crystal pillars adorned with flowers.

Picture Courtesy – Facebook

●     Create a mandap with cascades of flowers –

Who dares to deny the beauty of floral mandaps? No one. With the increase in the number of flowers, the beauty of the mandap increases. If you can decorate your wedding mandap with cascading floral garlands, your backdrop in the photos would be enriched with class.

Picture Courtesy – Pinterest

●     Try making the mandap look like a chapter from a fairy tale –

A world where you are being unified with love is a world of magic. Your wedding is a chapter from the fairy tale called your life. So, try creating a mandap that looks like a  lantern of lights along with floral decorations all over its body.

The top has to look like an intricately woven canopy with pastel shade threads. Get rid of tacky colors and designs and say hello to this whimsical magical tale.

Picture Courtesy – Pinterest

What should be your final takeaway from this article on the latest mandap decoration ideas?

As far as our eyesight goes, the covid-19 situation is here to stay for the time being. So will the sudden introduction of small, intimate Indian weddings. You may feel like not planning your wedding as extensively as you would have when the coronavirus didn’t exist.

However, every wedding needs a beautiful backdrop for photos. The photos will stay as memories long after the wedding is over.

From the exchange of garlands to the sindoor daan, every ritual that happens on the mandap will be the primary highlight of the ceremony. So, try to implement our mandap decor ideas in your wedding and be prepared to get awestruck.

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