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Laravel Web Development: 8 Top Features of Laravel PHP Framework

Laravel, Laravel, Laravel!!

It powers about 2,28,00 websites online. This makes the Laravel framework an ideal choice for a development project. Also, this is the reason the Laravel framework is creating so much buzz in the field of web development.

Regardless of website designing needs, be it for the eCommerce niche or the CMS development, Laravel fits all. Additionally, the web apps or websites built using this open-source framework cater to visitors with an excellent experience.

Combined with multiple syntaxes and built-in libraries, the Laravel web development services are becoming the top choice of businesses globally. It comprises a wide range of features including artisan tools, MVC architectural support, top-notch security, etc. 

Besides the modern functionality, the framework comes with huge online community assistance. Also, a tonne of forums, blogs, and development experts are available to help with resolving any coding hassles.

In this article, we’ll go through the main features that make switching to the Laravel framework for your upcoming web development project essential.

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#1. Laravel Framework Explained

Model-View-Controller is the foundation of this open-source framework. Web app development is made simple by its built-in libraries and syntaxes. Laravel is built using the clean code principle and introduced to eliminate the challenges faced by web developers. Fortunately, the PHP framework includes a wide range of functions that ensure the quick development of websites and apps.

When compared to other frameworks, Laravel is preferred due to its speedy development and ease of problem-solving. The framework is very simple to implement and maintain because it eliminates the inconvenience of coding repetition.

#2. Must-Know Features of Laravel PHP Framework

  • Database Management and Migration

Data is a key asset in this age of digitization. As a result, maintaining and upgrading data repositories becomes essential. You can easily make changes, such as creating, removing, or establishing a new database. Additionally, there is no need to log into the terminal or execute SQL queries to run it.

Laravel’s migration approach enhances the database structure of the web app or site design without requiring developers to make changes repeatedly. Such functionality lowers any possibilities of data loss. Isn’t it great!!

  • Object Relational Mapping

Laravel offers Eloquent Object Relational Mapping features. It comprises the PHP active records execution. As a result, database queries are to be written by development professionals using PHP syntax.

In comparison to other PHP frameworks, it is the greatest option for facilitating the quick building of apps or websites.

  • Template Engine

Laravel is a well-known PHP framework for its intuitive, lightweight, and in-built templates. These help to create an elegant layout and work on a dynamic content seeding concept. 

In addition, Laravel has multiple widgets to offer. These combine CSS and JS code. Thus, enabling the developers to create clutter-free, and elegant layouts eliminating any chances for coding hassles.

  • Enhanced Security

Laravel framework assures the robust security of web apps or sites. The data stored on this framework is protected using the salted passwords. Also, the hashed password concept is leveraged. It means the credentials are not saved as plain text in the database. 

The mechanism uses the Bcrypt Hashing algorithm to produce encrypted passwords. It creates SQL statements. Thus, helping in eliminating the possibility of SQL injection threats. 

  • Artisan Tool

This tool by Laravel assists in automating tedious and repetitive programming chores that usually annoy the experts during the web app creation procedure. By designing database skeleton code and building their migration, the artisans make data management simple.

Additionally, the command line handles acquisitions and their setups, generates MVC files, and controls configurations. It runs on the Symfony console. This even reduces one more task by allowing web development experts to arrange the artisan commands in advance.

  • MVC Design Pattern Support

This design has a variety of built-in functionalities, including high performance and easy extension. These provide security and versatility while enhancing app performance.

MVC model as a whole boosts the web app’s scalability. It implies that as a business expands, so does its website. Simply put, it helps to build user-friendly, high-performing web solutions from scratch.

Along with providing unmatched efficiency, MVC architecture makes the distinction between the website’s logic and outlook clear. Thus, giving Laravel web developers better alternatives for documentation in the process.

  • Object-Oriented Modular Library

No other PHP-based framework has built-in Object-Oriented Libraries as Laravel does. It allows Laravel developers to check features like:

  • Hashing
  • Encryption
  • Active user count, 
  • Password reset, etc. 

Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) defense is yet another fantastic feature. The built-in authentication libraries provide it. It is a form of malicious deed that is carried out on the authenticated user’s part.

Laravel protects against these attacks by generating the security token at the beginning of each session. This prevents unauthorized users from using the web app.

The PHP approach can also be used by developers to divide these functions into different parts. Thus, resulting in the building of a flexible and easily customizable web application.

  • Testing Environment Made Simple

The question now is how a developer or business owner can know if the app or website will function without any glitches or defects. Of course, it will require testing the experts to execute the testing phase. It will help them verify what they have built. Here, Laravel’s automated testing is accurate and saves time rather than manual testing.

It tests every module before launching the web application. This ensures no exceptions or bugs. Therefore, achieving a highly efficient and hassle-free solution for the audience.  


All these features depict the significance of the Laravel framework in any development project. Be it a start-up venture or a large-scale business, Laravel ensures unique, streamlined, and versatile web solution building for all. This framework keeps the development quick, versatile, and engaging. Thus, delivering the user-responsive and compelling website that an enterprise expects. 

All it requires the assistance of an expert Laravel developer who is knowledgeable about the framework and can make the most out of its excellent features. 

Hope this write-up helps you obtain all the necessary information that can help you assess if Laravel is the best choice for your upcoming project. 

Thanks for Reading!!

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